The Worst Trade I Ever Made

Back in 2006, I went on a trading odyssey where I started with a skateboard I bought for fifty cents and saw just how far I could trade it up…it was fun.

I traded the skateboard to an artist for three pieces of outsider art. I traded the art for a handfull of junk rubies. I traded the rubies for three things:

A massage from a masseuse which I never used

A sailboat which a few days after I got it sank and was then traded for a sword which I later sold for $5.

And a timeshare in Wisconsin – which I thought was pretty cool until I found out that when I transferred the title I became responsible for the $1200 in back dues the previous owner hadn’t wanted to pay.

After trying to explain the situation to the timeshare people, I realized there was no getting them to cancel the deed, so I signed it over to them and sent it with a bill of sale before I left the USA on a life changing five year journey…and I forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2014 – I’m back in the USA, I’ve brought my family with me from Morocco, and we’re struggling to make a living in rural Oregon, pay health insurance, not default on student loans, etc.

Guess who suddenly pops up and tells me I owe them $6600?!!!! The same timeshare company. Apparently they didn’t bother changing the title or decided it was better to let interest and penalties accrue…

Guess who got told to go fuck themselves because my credit is already non-existant and I’ve made it this long without any credit cards or loans – yup…that’s the one.

So, in a nutshell – I traded a $.50 cent skateboard for $6,600 in debt and a bad credit report….

That’s the worst trade I ever made.