Woman Found Alive near Seattle in Wrecked Car After 8 Days

Crazy that this could happen in such a busy area!

SEATTLE, Sept. 28 — No one had heard from Tanya Rider for more than a week. Her husband, having already opened up their bank and phone accounts to investigators, was just sitting down to take a polygraph test to prove that he had not harmed her.
Then they found her, alive.
Twenty feet down a roadside ravine, still strapped into the front seat of her Honda Element, Ms. Rider, 33, responded faintly when rescuers called her name through the blackberry bushes that had helped conceal her since her car ran off the road near the Seattle suburb of Renton on Sept. 19. Her kidneys were failing from dehydration and a buildup of toxins caused by muscle damage. Her clavicle and ribs were broken, her shoulder dislocated, her left leg severely hurt.
It was the signal from her cellphone that finally led investigators to Ms. Rider on Thursday, after what her husband of eight years, Tom, said Friday were days of futile efforts to have her disappearance investigated as a missing person case.

Missing Woman Found Alive in Wrecked Car After 8 Days – New York Times