Why was Kucinich not included but Keyes was?

Not including Kucinich is about as lame a decision as using three vowels in a 4 letter word or name. If you are going to go that far, you might as well use four vowels and call your state Ioaa. Yes, Ioaa, you get to cast your votes first but you have already demonstrated why we shouldn’t listen to you by excluding one but not the other. You can read the lowdown on the debate here but the loser of the debates is the american people who don’t get to hear what Dennis has to say.

The field of debaters was trimmed to six at the direction of the newspaper that hosted it. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Iowa was excluded because he does not have a campaign office in the state. His supporters protested the decision, but to no avail.
It was not clear why the same rules did not exclude former Ambassador Alan Keyes from the Register’s debate of Republican candidates on Wednesday. A spokeswoman for the newspaper did not immediately return a telephone call or e-mail.