What I think is going on in the election.

Sure, this may be cynical. Sure, it may be suspicious. At this point, if you aren’t cynical and suspicious you are already planning to vote for whomever it is that best supports the war on terror, so you aren’t really who I am talking to. Here is the insidious plan that they don’t want you to know about.
The money that is going to Clinton AND Obama is coming from two places. First, it is coming from the folks that want them to win. Second, it is coming from folks who are making big money off the war on terror and don’t want it to stop. The war profiteers will do anything to keep a hawk in the whitehouse including fund the two largest warchests ever produced by the Democratic Party. Why would they do this?
Allow me to make a prediction:
Hillary Clinton has already been chosen to run against John McCain. She is going to get the nomination. Obama is not. The thing is though, if she would have gotten the nomination early on, there was a good chance she would have rallied strong support and won the election. That’s not what the profiteers want though. So,first of all they started dumping money into the Obama campaign.They have allowed him to build a grassroots populist campaign. They want him to be the most popular Democratic candidate. At the same time, they don’t want him to be the clear front runner, so they have kept pumping the donations into Hillary and have managed to keep the wind in her sails past every turn. The race has been predicted to end at every turn. Now we have another split. I don’t just mean in the primaries and caucuses…I am also talking about the deepening dislike that supporters of both candidates are developing for their rivals. Now, picture this…Obama leads in the popular vote and Clinton wins the nomination due to the superdelegates (who are really just people who profit in power and money no matter who wins and especially if the war continues). Do Obama’s supporters jump behind Clinton? Not a chance. Not even if Obama endorses her as he probably will. Instead they go to a third party candidate in protest or they throw their weight behind McCain because he isn’t carrying the same baggage that Clinton will be carrying (although both of them will be compared to Bush in varying degrees based on war support, clouded victories, or general hawkishness.)
The result? McCain wins. The war continues. The Republicans and Profiteers keep thier power and money growing while the rest of us continue to slide into deeper and deeper economic woes amidst the erosion of our civil liberties and social institutions.
You heard it here first.
Don’t be a fool. Let’s find a viable third party and escape this mess. As it stands it is a game we cannot win.

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