What Could Go Wrong? The end of the World in 2020? Probably Not


We’ve reached the point where one American is dying every 30-seconds from Covid-19. This will probably increase if it hasn’t already. Above, you can see the only safe way to gather. At some point people are going to come to the realization that Dumpy has used the virus as a way to disrupt and destroy – his actions should be considered as a form of genocide. Take this, for example – his administration turned down an offer of more vaccine and created the supply side issues they are now complaining about – thus denying millions of Americans an earlier vaccine and thus prolonging the run of the disease and the death associated with it.

If you are curious about what is safe and what is not safe – check out this great article but The NY Times. They surveyed 600 epidemiologists to see what they are doing:

Don’t panic.

No one is driving.

Recently pardoned by President Dumpy, Michael Flynn has called on Dumpy to declare martial law and hold a new election. Seriously. Dumpy has also fired more top Pentagon personnel and installed more loyalists while blocking the Biden transition team from accessing defense department intel. Only 26 elected GOP ‘leaders’ in Washington DC have acknowledged that Biden won…that’s out of 249 of them – get the feeling they are seeing something the rest of us aren’t? I sure do. Dumpy tried to pressure Georgia’s governor to send rebel electors – am I the only one who thinks it is highly likely that he has had the same conversation with other governors? Rudy Giuliani has Covid-19 now – which feels like when someone tells you a child molestor got hit by a car. And, far more disturbing is the fact that Dumpy’s Regime has increased the rate of federal executions…literally killing people as fast as he can before he leaves office. Dumpy is the most prolific execution president in over 130 years. Republicans in Texas have sued to have the Supreme Court throw out the election results in the 4 battleground states…Dumpy & Co. are not giving up which would be sort of admirable if it weren’t for the fact that they are trying to overthrow the idea of democracy in the USA. If you don’t think that Dumpy’s minions in the House, Senate, and Supreme Court are going to disrupt things further – then you haven’t been paying attention.

It’s not all bad news though.

Jack Dorsey, the billionaire founder and CEO of Twitter and Square gave $15 million to cities to perform UBI.

Steve Wozniak, one of the original good guys in tech (co-founder of Apple) has started a new company. It’s focused on blockchain and reducing carbon emissions.

The Standing Rock Tribe is building community owned wind farms! and it turns out that you can actually beat a military coup…which might become relevant really soon in the USA (see video above).

In Portland, Oregon the municipality is using zero-emission electric cargo bikes to replace gas burning cars and trucks. A part of this is spurred by the fact that Covid-19 has made multi-passenger vehicles largely inefficient for maintenance work. Which is a pretty cool side effect of a nasty disease.

In England, they’ve decided to take 1.6 billion British pounds that were subsidizing the wealthiest farmers and use it instead to rejuvenate nature and reward carbon reducing practices. This is step in the right direction if we want to have a planet that isn’t bare rock and cockroaches.

and ….. mushrooms…

…and in yet another piece of proof that CBS/Viacom is the coolest media company out there, turns out that the mycelium navigator Paul Stamets of the Starship Discovery is named after this guy.

China is now flying its flag on the moon and is bringing back the first samples of moon rocks in almost four decades. Japan just brought back the first samples from a still in space asteroid.

The space stuff continues to amaze – Jupiter and Saturn are going to line up for the first time in 800 years to make a ‘Christmas Star’.

EarthCam @EarthCam

A massive #fireball lit up the sky over parts of the United States and Canada earlier today. Check out this footage that was caught from our #EarthCam‘s in Toronto. Could it be a meteor?? 👀☄️ @TourCNTower


Fireballs over the Eastern US and Canada as well as Japan.

And we are up to a dozen or so monoliths now – Utah, Romania, Netherlands, California, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Pittsburgh etc… let’s hope it adds up to more than a Nike commercial. Sadly, it seems it is just a publicity stunt and not friendly aliens coming to save us from 2020.

Finally, check out these ‘Outrageous Predictions’ from Saxo Bank.

Simply put, the traumas of 2020 mean that in 2021, the future is now.

I hope you have a great week. One last fun thing down below.