What are your criteria for success?

Before you answer – let me point out that in a universal blink of an eye you will be dead and most likely forgotten by all of the living (because while we all remember Isaac Newton, can you name his neighbors, classmates, or neighbors? Or even the actors in a 1920s movie beside the headline star? The majority of us will be forgotten completely within a generation of our death meaning that not a living soul will know our name or that we existed)….

So, given that…what are your criteria for success in this life? Think carefully, because death and obscurity are coming – no matter what you do or who you are. What is your life about?

Regardless of what God you believe or don’t believe in or your beliefs (opinions) about an afterlife – one thing is certain – you will not be taking any form of wealth, your body, or most likely the things you identify as ‘self’ with you – but then, you might bring your actions, your deeds, your ‘balance sheet’ with you. Maybe there are a heaven and or hell, maybe reincarnation does happen, maybe karma and nirvana do ride on your choices…but no one knows for sure or can prove any of that. So, what gives your life, this moment, right now, importance.

It’s worth thinking about. It’s worth deciding. It’s worth it.