What Am I Doing Here?

Every Wednesday in 2012, I published a column called What Am I Doing Here?   on Vagobond.com – This is the index of those weekly columns.

Vago Damitio. What am I doing here?

New Year, New Vagobond – Resolutions and More for 2012

An Inevitable Vagabond

Ageing Itinerant Writer

Travel Blog Fairy Tales

Those Lovable Turks

Important Life Decisions

Vagobond $1 Million Dollar Travel Sweepstakes! 

Egotourism – Putting the You in Travel

Having fun with Moroccans and Living my Dreams

Dragging my family to Turkey for Uncertainty

A missed flight is not a missed opportunity!

Fulfilling Prophecy!

Bologna is really a city, but bologna is called Mortadella

Weighing Istanbul 

Heading towards Fairy Chimneys and Wonder in Cappadocia

Avoiding Syria Troubles by Heading to the Trees 

Soaked in a Sunshine Destination and Happy About It

Blogville in Bologna Italy

Drawing Distinctions About Extinctions

Moroccan Complaining

What happened to Sefrou?

Dreaming of Hawaii and Making Plans to Get Away

Flights of Fancy

Refocusing, Reflecting and Rejoicing

Telling People Not to Travel

Looking for the Maltese Falcon

Exploring Italy’s Essence – Food, Wine, Art, Architecture and Religion

Celebrating International Independence

Exploring the Sultanate of Baboob

Confessing and getting ready to fast

Ramadan in Morocco – Participating and Observing

Celebrating a Year of Fatherhood

Sailing and Sweating in Greece

Wandering How to Get Home

Smooth Living in the Aegean

Istanbul, Cairo, Greece, and Going Home

Building the Future of Travel – I Hope

Seeing the Effects of 911 on Travel 11 Years Later

Ranting About the Mohammad Movie

Staycation in Morocco

The Moroccan Atlantic

Morocco in Black and White

Considering Egyptian Souvenirs

A Sahara Desert Creative Retreat

Halloween in Marseille

Rediscovering England

Flying the Hajji Skies – from Cairo to Morocco

The World Travel Market in London

The Egyptian Pyramids on Horseback

The Egyptian Hustle

Christmas in Sefrou

Sledding with Moroccan Snow Bunnies

Looking at My Travels in 2012



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