Weekly News Update – July 5, 2020

Here’s my weekly Sunday Update for the week preceding July 5th, 2020.
The pace of important news has become so rapid that it’s difficult to keep track of events from day to day. The surreal changes of the world seem to have warped time itself – so if I missed anything essential – please let me know.
Pandemic – Global
Total cases: 11,464,471
Total deaths 535,013
32,476 newly dead, avg 4639 per day – this is down by about 300 per day.
Pandemic – USA
Total Cases: 2,954,999
Total Deaths: 132,387
4176 newly dead, avg 597 per day – this is also down by quite a bit from last week
Once again, these numbers are surprising to me. The number of deaths going down could be due to better treatment, bad reporting, or the virus actually killing less people who contract it. Reports came out last week that the virus has mutated and is 6-9 times more virulent than before. Multiple states are back in panic mode as hospitals are filling up and cases are rising far faster than expected. The USA is the big failure story in pandemic control. Re-opening the country too early was a huge mistake. Another month of lockdown wouldn’t have killed us – in fact, it might have been enough to quash this thing. No doubt we are testing far more people than before. In news, there was chaos again this week.
Economics: The stock markets continued to be held up by a combination of fairy tales and market manipulation. Tesla somehow became more valuable than Toyota and the tens of millions of unemployed continue to be ignored as the fed pumps out free money that must run out but first become increasingly worthless. A thought – if the value of companies haven’t changed but the value of dollars has – prices will inevitably change. More money means less valuable dollars which translates to companies being priced higher. Grocery prices have gone up quite a bit.
US Presidential Election, Protests, and Politics
Trump gave multiple dystopian 4th of July speeches at Mt. Rushmore and in DC. Kanye West has announced he will run for President – giving his MAGA hat, this is probably a Trump ploy to draw African American votes away from Biden. The Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was forcibly dispersed this week and the power of the protests has largely died down though Black Lives Matter has gained huge political power from it – so it does feel like change and representation have made giant steps forward. One sign of this was Trump’s 4th of July speeches which attacked the left as terrorists and nazis.
International News:
Hong Kong had it’s independence stripped away by a new Chinese security law this week. Putin made himself leader for life in Russia with a 16- year extension of his presidential term. Jeffrey Epstein’s British sex crime accomplice Ghislain Maxwell was arrested this week and has threatened to name names – one particular picture of her and predator Kevin Spacey sitting on the actual English thrones paints the picture of how this will roll out.
The Real Monarchs
Deep thought of the week from a British cop after pubs re-opened: “It’s crystal clear that drunk people can’t social distance” – anyone who has ever been a designated driver fending off “I love you man’s” can confirm this.
Most surreal moment of the week (aside from the throne picture mentioned above) was white protestors chanting go back to where you came from to Native Americans in front of Mt. Rushmore.