We are cockroaches

Humans have filled every nook, crevice, and cranny of this beautiful planet. Our presence has almost never been an improvement over what was there before us. We chop and burn, blow up and pave, and hunt and exterminate wherever we go.

Ultimately, we are like the cockroaches in Hawaii. You find them everywhere – inhabiting this beautiful landscape and filling in whatever space they can find. We ruin things. We’ve ruined our own mode of existence – over and over.

And yet, unlike cockroaches – we have this incredible desire within us to create things of beauty. In front of me is a beautiful 150 year old rocking chair, lovingly made by some unknown person’s skilled hands. It’s just a chair in my house that we all sit in from time to time. It once belonged to the Episcopal Arch Bishop of California – I bought it from an incredible estate sale in Coos Bay, Oregon for $50.

I don’t suppose that cockroaches have anything so beautiful, nor the desire to preserve it, enjoy it, share it – even if some strange cockroach were to produce a work of art.

Art is what makes us better than cockroaches. Dance, song, poetry, fiction. The expressions of our souls. Art is the evidence and the making and appreciation of art is the one defense that can be presented to the court of our continued existence.

It is only if we can tap into that and bring it to the forefront that we will continue in any meaningful way.