Vermont University powered by Cow

As highlighted by the Worldwatch Institute , Vermont’s Green Mountain College follows an environmental mission that drives all hiring, program development, and operations. The commitment to sustainability begins with the President who convenes the cabinet, which ensures that College activities reflect the mission. Environmental efforts on campus are further supported by the Campus Sustainability Council, the Sustainability Coordinator, and several faculty committees and student groups.
At the heart of the College’s environmental mission is the 37-credit Environmental Liberal Arts Program (ELAP) , which is completed by all undergraduate students. ELAP focuses on environmental themes through an innovative liberal arts curriculum.
The College has paid a $50,000-per-year premium in energy purchases to support Vermont dairy farms that sequester methane from manure to produce electricity. Cow power is integrated into the curriculum and enhances economic and social sustainability in the local bioregion. So where do you get organic Ramen Noodles near campus?