The USA is not GOD – so worship isn’t required

I’m a veteran. I was honorably discharged. I joined and served in the US Marines willingly as a service to my country because I love the ideals we were built on and the way we have grown. I sometimes feel tears well up when I hear taps and there are times that the national anthem makes my skin tingle with pride.

And now – with the current evil motherfucker in the white house – I can no longer stand with pride when I hear the national anthem and it’s getting to where I am starting to feel the same revulsion for the American flag that I feel when I see a swastika.

I am proud of my country (at least until the election of 2016) and even since then, I have seen the best of these United States shine through the sewage of the current administration – but I can no longer look at the flag or hear the national anthem without seeing Donald J Trump demanding that we worship both (and him) as if they were GOD.

The United States is not God. The flag is not God. The National Anthem is not God. Donald J. Trump is not God. No human being is God. The more the current President co-opts the flag and the anthem, the more we must distance ourselves from them.

The flag and the anthem and Donald J. Trump are not God and neither are they the United States of America. The United States of America is more than that – we are a land, a people, and an idea that all humans are created equal and deserve the rights to pursue life, liberty, and happiness without impediment from domestic or foreign tyrants. If it makes you happy to take a knee during the anthem or to wipe your ass with the flag or stand proud and salute – either way, I support your right to do so. But if you are telling others how they should behave in regards to the dangrerous idea of patriotism – I served in the Marines to defend my country from people like you and I will gladly serve in that regard again.

The USA is not God and even if it were, my United States of America would never attempt to force you to worhip. So, up yours flag, anthem, and America worshipers – Go to hell with Hitler and your President.