University of Washington to create Electric Bike Program

This is the kind of program I would love to see in Hawaii. Imagine tourists riding around on electric bikes instead of clogging traffic with rental cars….

The success of bike share programs in Europe has been phenomenal, and there is increasing talk of bringing them across the pond to our more car-oriented country. Now comes news that the University of Washington is teaming up with Intrago to create an electric bike share program for its Seattle campus. The self-rental bicycles will work much like traditional bike share programs: users are given a special pass to unlock bicycles from stations located throughout campus, and then return them just as easily. The only difference between this system and a more conventional one is that the bikes have an electric assist for hills and longer distances, circumventing one of the more common excuses for not riding a bike. It is unclear what kind of battery the bicycles make use of.
The goal of the project is to encourage people to use alternative forms of transportation to get to school by providing them with a convenient way to get around the large campus. A convenient co-benefit will be a quieter, safer campus, with reduced congestion and lowered costs. The pilot system is being funded by a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation in the hope that “corporate campuses, vacation destinations and high-density urban and public transit locations” will see the value of these systems.

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