Trump Virus Update 12/27/2020

The number of deaths averaged per day are down across all the metrics I look at. I’d like to feel optimistic, but my gut tells me that numbers may not have been recorded because of the holidays…so we will see – still – nice to feel a little bit of optimism here. This will be my last Trump Virus update this year – let’s hope that the downward trend continues in 2021.


Global total cases: 80, 847,044

Deaths:1,767,331 average of 10,147/day – down from last week’s average 11,490/day

Deaths/million:  226.7


US total cases: 19,442,200

Deaths: 340,017 avg 2335 per day slightly down from last week’s avg 2635/day

Deaths/million: 1024


Hawaii total cases: 20,888

Island of Oahu total cases: 17,533

Deaths: Last week: 285 avg .57 per day, down from above 1 per day last week

Deaths/million: 201