Trump Virus Update – 1/24/2021

The CDC has changed some of the way that deaths are counted which in the USA has lowered the daily average from about 4000/day to closer to 3000/day. These numbers are still political and still really can’t be trusted even with a new administration. It’s too soon for the vaccine to be having any effect. New variants are potentially more deadly, faster spreading, and possibly vaccine immune.


Global total cases: 99,500,120 still about 5 million per week

Deaths: 2,133,825 avg of 14,133 deaths/day up from last week 13,671

Deaths/million: 273.7


US total cases: 25,579,523 24,328,224 approx 4 million cases in 2 weeks added

Deaths: 427,713 avg of 3166 deaths/day down from 3390 last week

Deaths/million: 1221


Hawaii total cases: 24,223

Island of Oahu total cases: 19805

Deaths: 336 avg 2.28 deaths/day up from 1.85 last week

Deaths/million: 237