Trump Virus in 2021 – 1/3/2021

Well, it’s not a happy new year for the millions of dead around the world who died of Coronavirus in 2020, nor for their families, nor for the nearly 1/3rd of a million Americans who died on Dumpy’s watch because of his lies and inept handling. He’s a monster and this has been a genocide. Here’s the first update of the new year. Numbers dropped during Christmas probably because of reporting issues – expect a steep jump next week as the new year charges forward. I don’t need to tell you what a mess this is – just look at the news. I just like to provide these simple numbers. The world suffers 237 deaths per million – in the USA we have 1081 deaths per million. Think about that.


Global total cases: 85,225,167

Deaths: 1,847,500 avg 11,453 per day up from last weeks 10,147/day

Deaths/million:  237


US total cases: 20,927,033

Deaths: 358,883 avg 2695 up from last weeks 2335/day

Deaths/million: 1081


Hawaii total cases: 21807

Island of Oahu total cases: 18190

Deaths: Last week: 289 avg .57 per day – same as last week

Deaths/million: 204