Trip Report: Admitting the fear- Salvia and the Rabbit Hole

Last night, I smoked a huge hit of Salvia and my couch melted around me and I fell backwards as the sounds of Big Brother and the Holding Company created this ripple like effect on the edge of my reality. I felt the rabbit hole open up and (oddly I just noticed that Janice Joplin is on the radio right now) I found myself desperately clinging to the edges of the ripple to keep myself from falling completely into it. And then I realized that it was exactly where I wanted to go and I tried to let go and become immersed in the altered reality that was closing around me, but the ripples were fading by then and it was too late to jump in completely. The window that Salvia opens is brief by nature and it then closed. It was funny how I didn’t even recognize the irrationality of my fear or that I was afraid at all but that once I did see it and face it it disappeared. I can only hope that the next time the rabbit hole opens I am brave enough to dive in head first and see what I will find.

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