Trick or Treating is Almost Dead

Trick or Treating is almost dead. The truth is, I don’t even want my child going to strangers houses at all – let alone going there and taking candy. It was a fine idea in small towns where everyone knew one another – and maybe it still is – in towns like that. I mean, in Reedsport, it was fine – but then, we usually only went to the houses of people we knew. Mostly, the trick or treating was the big trunk-or-treat event put on by the church and then there was the town trick or treat with all the shops. I think that’s where it needs to go. You know? People you know, church groups (and other civic groups), and local busineses.

This year, here in Honolulu – we just completely skipped the door to door stuff. We went to the mall and there it was all the little businesses that were handing out candy to the kids – the big multi-billion dollar Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and other rich name brand shops just gave out nothing…except for the Rolex store which gave out candy in the doorway. I’ve always liked Rolex.

In any event, the candy thing is terrible anyway. It’s not healthy. It’s expensive. And it would be way to easy for some creep to do something terrible to the candy anyway. We had fun this year picking out pumpkins and taking a hay ride and going to our daughters school parade and school Halloween dance. Halloween is still fun – but trick or treating – fuck it. It’s time to close that door anyway – maybe all those luxury brands are on to something. Nah, fuck them too. If anyone should be giving away treats – they should.