Towards a Better World – Capitalism is Failing 99% of Us


Just a reminder – unlike the mysterious monolith in Utah, Dumpy is still around. We’ll get to all of that in a second.

First of all…this is hilarious:

Not so hilarious is the wanton destruction he is attempting to do before (and if) he leaves the presidency. His attorneys are going so far as to say that electoral votes should be ‘seized’ and officials who claim the election was fair should be ‘taken out and shot’. Just in case you are wondering, this is not normal behavior in a democracy.

Are we moving towards a better world? It sure doesn’t feel like it. In fact, it feels like all the crisis only pushes us further towards a worse one. The crisis of Trump and Trump Virus and 9-11 and Terrorism and encroaching authoritarianism and the financial collapse of 2008 and banker greed and investor bailouts and foreclosures and evictions and then bankers and investors taking possession of those homes…in no sense does the world seem to be improving that I can see…yes, I can see positives and that life is much better for some people than it was a hundred years ago – but is it really? I’m not at all convinced. In fact, the harder I look, the more I start to suspect that human happiness is on a steep curve downward – at least in the USA and all the places it touches and destroys…

Rich Americans are looking for second passports. The ship is sinking.

This week, one of the good guys in tech died in a house fire. Tony Hsieh was one of the few billionaires that took his money and tried to build a utopia with it. His methods weren’t always successful or what I would have done – but he tried to turn downtown Las Vegas into a tech utopia – and on many levels, his project was successful (though on many it was not). I’ve always said if I were a billionaire, I would buy a town and try to build the future – Tony Hsieh actually did it. He was only 46. Rest In Peace, Zappos Man.

Still, there are people trying. Permaculturists and Democratic Socialists and Black Lives Matter advocates and Crypto Anarchists and well…you get the point. Here, watch this:

This is a four part series and well worth watching:


On a whole different level of strange…there’s a bonifide UFO that will be orbiting our planet until March of 2021 or so and the monolith in the Utah desert disappeared only to have one show up in Romania.




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