A quick roundup of links

There is a lot I want to share with you…for the moment though…no time…so enjoy these links…what I consider to be the best of the net this morning.

Olberman on the War on Terror- Is there NOTHING that Al Queda won’t do? Are they really the blame for EVERY incompetence? It seems now and for a while at least the Republicans have become delusional in their pursuit of convincing the World of the Enemy. Hmmmm

Here are the 25 stories you won’t hear about in the mainstream media over 2008.


The Best Conspiracy Theories in the World
Aids invaded the U.S. from Haiti (in 1984 my sex ed teacher told us to avoid sex with Haitians, Heroin addicts, Homosexuals, and Hemophiliacs….the 4 H’s…)
Ron Paul Wows Iowa…GOP ignores him.
Disneyland Small World boats getting bigger to accommodate heavier riders