Tin Man a bizarre update of Wizard of Oz

Wow, I can’t decide if this sounds fabulous or horrible!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – “Tin Man” takes the beloved L. Frank Baum fantasy classic “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” — the source for a fairly popular 1939 feature film — and transforms it into the equivalent of an acid trip replete with crazed sociopaths and one very scary sex-bomb sorceress.
This wouldn’t be so odd had it played the story for laughs, but this six-hour miniseries comes across as strangely earnest rather than campy.
Say this for it: The thing manages to hold our interest in the same way it might were David Lynch to plan your office Christmas party.
Indeed, “Tin Man” seems more than a little Lynchian in its nightmarish excesses and surrealistic stylings (though the director himself is nowhere in sight). And while the preening and the chewed scenery from the cast are at times glorious to behold, there is no substance to wrap our heads around, no one to really root for. It’s just a peculiar, occasionally arresting and wholly funky attempt to bring a measure of contemporary fantasy/sci-fi hip to a tale we want to be neither hip nor self-aware. If it only had a brain, a heart and the nerve.

Tin Man a bizarre update of Wizard of Oz | U.S. | Reuters

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