This Means War!!!! Iran rockets U.S. air base in Iraq

Oh well…a peaceful 2020 was nice while it lasted. Iran’s revolutionary guard launched nearly a dozen rockets at a U.S. air base in Iraq a few minutes ago. I think it’s safe to say that calm heads are not going to prevail. If there is a God, I hope she protects the little kids…but judging from past slaughters and horrible deaths of children in world history – probably safe to say that 1) there is no god 2) God doesn’t care about us 3) God is a serious asshole.

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Watching stock market futures plunge overnight and then watching them jolt back up as Iran said “We’re good now” and Antichrist didn’t make a sudden retaliatory move. News outlets are reporting that there were no American casualties and this might have been by design to avoid a full on war – hard to believe. These markets are being buoyed by the Federal Reserve printing a huge amount of money and injecting it into the system – and main street investors are keen not to miss out on the returns. Meanwhile, the gold and Bitcoin markets edge slowly upwards as we get nearer the inevitable collapse that must come – eventually – when the limits of monetary sleight of hand are reached.