Things Have Gone Terribly Wrong for Humans

Listen apes,

We’ve messed up in multiple big ways and it’s time we face the facts. First of all (because I’ve always heard it’s best to start a critique with a positive) we are amazing creatures. We have figured out how to harness fire, electricity, magnetism, and the elements. We have figured out where we are in the universe and in a very general physical sense – what the universe is, what we are, and what everything else is. We are conscious and among the animal kingdom we appear unique because we can do things like decide not to eat even when we are hungry. Some of us anyway…but think about that – no other animal we know of can say “I’m hungry, but I’m not going to eat right now” That’s pretty amazing.

The problem is that we seem to have let all of this go to our head and on top of that, we seem to have taken some really bizarre turns in regards to how we do things. I’m going to flat out call what we are doing ‘unnatural’ and ‘obscene’. What are we doing?

Well, first of all – we are shitting where we eat in a big way. Not only that, we are shitting where we grow food, we are shitting where we sleep, we are shitting where we drink, we are shitting all over ourselves and each other. We are destroying our planet – we are turning farm land into parking lots and golf courses. We are turning the water into one giant plastic goop ball. We are turning the air into a poison soup. We have destroyed a large number of ecosystems, driven large numbers of species into extinction, and we have abandoned the idea of taking care of each other and instead just shit all over each other, don’t help each other out when we can, and in many cases actively create bad situations for those around us.

I can hear you (because I hear me) saying “But wait, what about all the good things we do, what about the charity, what about this and this and this…” Yeah, that stuff exists, but it’s not the priority. It’s like a way to make ourselves feel better about this shit. It’s a way for exploitive billionaires like Rockefeller, Gates, etc to make themselves feel better about all the shit they have dished out and stolen. We may not like it, but that’s what it is.

So, what went wrong? What screwed things up?

I’m not positive but I see one big issue that sort of sums up everything. We have abandoned the idea of collectivism. We gave up on the idea of ‘what is good for all of us is good’ and we instead adopted the idea of ‘what is good for me is all that matters’. In short, selfishness seems to have gone viral and to have become the acceptable norm to our ape species.

It’s exemplified perfectly in American capitalism, American entertainment, American exceptionalism. I’m not saying America is the problem – but we represent the problem on a bigger scale and an uglier plane than anyone else.

The problem however is much bigger and much older. Have you ever asked yourself why you have to work to live? Birds don’t have to do that. Raccoons don’t have jobs. Monkeys don’t have time sheets. You know what has to work to live? Farm animals. They are either producing something or they are getting eaten. Pigs, chickens, cows, horses. No one has a pig farm just to take care of the pigs or just because it is fun.

We’ve turned ourselves into agricultural products – or rather into products. It started with farming – serfdom, chattel slavery, share cropping. Then it moved into manufacturing, commerce, banking, government. You either produce or you die. You work or you don’t get the chance to live. Think about it and you will know it is true.

I hear you ‘…but it’s always been that way…”

Are you sure about that? Even if that were the case, does that mean that it’s the way it has to be forever? In the process of making ourselves into domestic animals – we’ve given up on decency, we’ve given up on taking care of each other, we’ve given up on patience, we’ve given up on fun, fulfillment, and frankly – on living.

There are alternatives. There are alternative systems. There are alternative ways of thinking. There are alternative ways of being.

I refuse to be a farm animal. What about you?