Ramblin’ Man: There are Billions of Chinese, Dummies

rambling man columnTHERE ARE BILLIONS OF CHINESE!!!

The CIA bombed the Chinese embassy in Serbia on purpose. The Chinese have embarrassed our government repeatedly in the past few years. They have walked into top secret labs and carried off the neutron bomb and better propulsion and guidance systems for their missiles. That’s technology above and beyond what we’ve given them in the cooperative space program.

The CIA has botched up the job of intelligence to a degree unmatched except in The Naked Gun series. The Chinese have embarrassed the CIA over and over. Then some Desk General decides to save some time and not confirm targets, the targets are hit, the Chinese are pissed. They see it. The Russians hate us, the Chinese hate us, it’s not looking good folks. Whether World War III starts or Y2K hits, it pays to be ready. I won’t tell you how to make bombs in your garage. I don’t think you should buy or stockpile guns. Guns aren’t the answer. What I will tell you is some information that is good to know, in case something should go terribly wrong….i.e. invasion or revolution.