The USA has fallen

I hope that I am wrong but it appears that my country is no more. The rule of law no longer applies in a country that was once a nation of immigrants but now puts immigrants in concentration camps.

The president of the USA is a racist criminal who has used hush money and intimidation to keep the women he has raped or abused from speaking with the press. He has colluded with foreign governments to seize power, attacked American institutions, and destroyed the very bedrock of our system – the system of checks and balances. With the assistance of his corrupt allies in the Senate and the House he has stacked the Supreme Court with corrupt criminal justices and destroyed the balance of power. He has turned our national independence day holiday into a parade of self-aggrandizement and is daily increasing his use of racism, lies, and xenophobia as political tools to secure his hold on the government.

The chances of him stepping down if he is defeated in an election he and his allies have already rigged decreases daily. His increased use of racism, sexism, and lies demonstrate how his confidence in being untouchable has grown. Those who still think that there will be a fair election or that he will step aside if he loses are delusional. They are holding on to a past that no longer exists and a system that has been destroyed by his every action.

The United States of America is no longer. These are the Coerced States of Trumpism. The chilling chants of ‘Send them Back’ at his campaign rally last night in reference to four Congeresswomen who have stood up to him and called him out on his fascist policies, the concentration camps, and his prejudice and racism are like the sound of a bullet shot into the base of a prisoner’s skull. The inability and unwillingness of the Congress and the media to stand against him will go down in history as an ugly moment when the ‘American Vichy’ showed their true colors.

There is a deep and disgusting ugliness that has taken control of the USA. I am afraid that things are heading nowhere but towards greater horrors. Those who stay and believe in the things that once made America the beacon of the world (honor, dignity, equality, opportunity, fairness, justice) will be forced to make a choice – collaborate or fight. The wiser choice may just be to take our cue from the hateful hordes crowding into Trump’s rallies – it might be wisest to simply find a way to leave.

My country is dead. I hope I am wrong, but this corpse smells increasingly putrid.