The United States of America is broken and probably beyond repair

I know that no one wants to consider this possibility, because frankly – it’s a terrifying prospect for the entire world – but unfortunately, the government of the United States of America is broken and probably beyond repair.

I’m not just talking about Donald Trump, though I think he is a symptom of the problem – as well as an accelerating factor. He played a huge part in breaking it – but it wasn’t him alone. The U.S. government hasn’t been good for a long time. There was a time, under Obama, when things seemed to be heading back in the right direction. I firmly believe that Obama went into office with the intention of fixing the major systemic problems. If you look at his first campaign and the beginning of his first term – you can see that he was trying. And that’s when the biggest cracks began.

From the beginning, Obama was besieged by racism, questions about his religion, his birth, and his background. The far right didn’t bother with the truth and racists latched onto every opportunity to erode his credibility – with very little success. Trump’s political rise actually started with the false accusation that Obama was not born in the United States. Trump’s political career began with peddling a lie.

Every effort he made after the first two years was filibustered, drawn out, or fought. Every advance forward was torn down by the Republican led congress – finally resulting in the denial of Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee by the Senate led by Mitch McConnell. There had never been a situation like this. If it can be said that there was a definitive moment when the USA broke beyond repair – this was it. At the same time, the not guilty verdict of the court in the illegal armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge by an illegal militia – also made clear that the rule of law was no longer the law of the land in the United States.

The campaign of Donald Trump, his subsequent election, and illegal meddling in the election of 2016 by the Russian state to help bring him victory were simply confirmation of the fatality. It has become abundantly clear in the 2+ years since Trump took office, that he has no intention of allowing a fair election, being subject to the rule of law, or being accountable to the congress, the supreme court, or the American people. His continual interference with the Mueller investigation, his war against the press, his blatant lying about anything and everything – has painted the truest picture of the death of the United States that anyone could ask for.

The president of the United States lied, cheated, stole from the American taxpayer, colluded with a foreign government, obstructed justice, illegally declared a national emergency, shut down the government as a heavy handed bargaining tactic, and has not respected the rule of law from day one. Meanwhile, his administration has stacked the justice department, the treasury, and the departments of education, interior, housing and more with cronies, demagogues, and straight up criminals.

The Republican party has lined up behind him. His enemies have either been fired or have resigned. So far, we haven’t seen assassinations of his enemies but he has repeatedly made suggestions that his supporters use violence against his enemies which has resulted in death threats and several mass shootings by those who support him. His support of racists, white nationalists, right wing conspiracy theorists, and actual nazis. He has embraced the dictators of the world and pushed away the democracies of the world by rewarding enemies and punishing friends. He has engaged in multiple trade wars resulting in higher prices for consumers and most likely in favorable trades for himself and his allies using inside information. In fact, he has used the presidency repeatedly to further his own business interests and most likely used announcements to create favorable outcomes for his political allies.

The Republican led Senate has engaged in whatever action they can to enrich themselves and their campaign contributors, protect the president, and allow him to destroy the very fabric of the United States of America. Those who were hoping that the Mueller Report would lead to the downfall of the president or his administration have been hoping for a never to come miracle. The disappointment and anger of the left at the way that Trump’s attorney general, the senate, and all other Republican organizations is immense – but was utterly predictable. There has been nothing in the behavior of the Republicans or Trump in the past eight years that would lead one expect honorable, fair, or just outcomes from a report that everyone knew would have no positives in it for the president or his administration. The writing was on the wall and it should have been clear.

Equally, the writing is on the wall that should the president be impeached, he will not step down. Should he lose the election of 2020, he will claim that there was interference in the election and will retain the presidency. Even if, he makes a show of stepping aside in 2024, you can rest assured that either his son or his daughter will run for the office and win. At this point, there is no going back to the way things were – and even if that were the case, the breakage to the system has been too severe and there is no way to repair it. The rules of the three branches of government have been completely shattered – partisan supreme court judges, illegal actions by the senate, and the complete and utter befouling of what was once the most honorable office in the world.

So where does that leave us? Not in a good place.

An ignorant and greedy crook is in charge of the most powerful country in the world. He has the backing of the most violent and ignorant segments of the population. The military supports him. He has shown time and time again that he will say or do whatever he can to protect himself and to make profits for himself. The system by which the government of the United States is protected and changed has broken beyond repair. The left in the United States is still hoping that the system works – they are struggling to ‘fix’ the problems we now have. The left believes that change can be brought about from within the system. The left believes that they can still win by following the rules while the right has demonstrated again and again that they will not follow the rules and have stacked the deck in their favor while the left lags behind still playing fair.

At the moment, it’s like a home run derby between a doped up home run king at the height of his steroid induced power and a good natural slugger without any doping. The commissioner of baseball is selling the dope, the owners of all the other teams are making profits from the dope, the fans are demanding more and more home runs – they don’t care about the dope. They don’t care about the effects of the dope on the player using steroids. The natural athlete is left far behind as the steroid slugger hits run after run. Eventually though, the steroids cause his heart to explode. There will be a moment of panic, confusion, and weakness from the commissioner, the owners, and the fans – at that point, there is only one thing left for the very strong player to do. After all, he is strong and he has a bat – so it is probably time to stop hitting runs and instead smash the entire structure of the game.

Smashing the state is the only option left.