The Sky is Falling…the U.S. Government Shutdown Day 34

The U.S. Government has been shut down for 33 days now. The people who were hired to keep planes from smashing into each other, to keep people from taking guns and bombs and knives on planes, and the people who were hired to keep people with bad intentions from landing on our shores or crossing our borders – all of these people have been working without pay – forced to work without pay. They aren’t alone – there are many other key personnel who have been sent home, told to work and wait for a check, or simply laid off. We all know the numbers now- 800, 000 workers. But there is a trickle down – while they aren’t working they don’t need the daycare or after school care, they are buying less groceries, they are not going to as many movies, they aren’t spending as much.

I’m not convinced that these people are ever going to see paychecks or be called back to work. I realize that sounds like crazy talk to some people but hear me out. I’m going to lay out what I think is the entire Putin, Bannon, Trump conspiracy here…and yes, he’s no longer on the media radar, but Bannon is still very much in the picture and the agenda he laid out is still playing itself out. Get ready for some head scratching and shaking because I’m about to show you how the sky is actually falling.

Bannon’s agenda has always been to shut down the government for good. If you don’t believe me….read it from the horse’s mouth

Bannon has described himself as a Leninist and a conservative revolutionary nationalist – which meshes quite well with Russian President Vladmir Putin’s politics. It’s interesting that Bannon condemned the meetings with Russians in Trump tower – not for going against the United States but because they were handled with buffoonish egotism – and then laid out how he would have organized the meetings so as to not get caught and have plausible deniability.

So, to begin with – I contend that Bannon has been in contact with Russia all along and has been orchestrating things from behind the scenes from the get go. I believe that Bannon’s ouster from the administration was simply a smoke screen and more of his plausible deniability. Meanwhile, the work he is trying to accomplish – that of shutting down the government of the United States and replacing it with a white, Christian, conservative, nationalist totalitarian state masquerading as a democracy has continued at full force.

Here is what I believe went down and is going down:

  1. Bannon established ties with the Kremlin to get Trump elected
  2. Trump and his minions tried to take control of the situation with their mafia style tactics and politically inept meetings with Russians and made a mess of Bannon’s careful plans
  3. Bannon called them out and was at odds with ‘the generals’ and other people with genuine interest in protecting the USA from the beginning – his departure from the administration was a way to provide cover for him and his agenda.
  4. Working with Moscow, Bannon developed plans with Putin as handler of Russian assett Trump to isolate the U.S. from allies, create chaos and turmoil within the U.S, weaken the U.S. borders and economy, and ultimately shutdown the parts of the government Bannon wants destroyed (welfare state, environmental oversight, homeland security, justice department) and to create a controlled ‘black swan’ event which would enable the suspension of U.S. democracy and imposition of a police state
  5. End goal is suspension of the constitution and the invisible overthrow of the U.S. separation of powers – at which point Bannon will be brought back into the spotlight.

I believe that we are now in the middle of Phase 4 and the powers behind the administration are orchestrating a black swan event which will allow them to take complete control of the U.S. government and grant them sweeping Presidential war powers.

I believe that the black swan event is being prepared as I write this – a black swan event by the way is a major event such as the terrorist attacks of 9-11 which allows for control situations that would otherwise be out of the norm. Everything happening right now is for show – the wall, the trade war with China, the politics of the shutdown.

What the shutdown is actually doing is allowing the choreography of a major terrorist event. The Islamic State has been left to regroup in Syria with the sudden U.S. pullout – the U.S. government shutdown has created holes in airport screening, air traffic control, and border security which will only get worse as time goes on (and the shutdown will continue). The talk about an election of 2020 will continue to ramp up, but Trump has no intention of running in an election becuase he will suspend the constitution and call of the election before he has a chance to lose. He is going to go full dictator but declare that it is a move that is interests of the United States of America.

I believe that a major terrorist attack against the United States is coming from a resurgent IS terrorist organization sometime in the next 18 months. I also believe that Russia is preparing to seize Ukraine and other former Soviet territories but wants to make sure that the U.S, the UK and other NATO allies are in complete disarray. China, North Korea and Venezuela are red herrings put out there to distract away from Russia and weaken the economic and political stability of the USA. They are real issues, but not the actual attack we need to worry about.

The sky is falling. There is only one way to prevent it and it may be too late. Trump and his entire administration need to be impeached and taken out of power.

I hope that I am just a chicken little here – but to me, the entire conspiracy looks as clear as a blue sky.