The Shootings -U.S. Mass Shootings Back on the Rise in 2021

It’s been really nice this past year to not hear about mass shootings every day but starting in January as the United States began to ‘re-open’ something else started back up again as well. Mass shootings.

There have been hundreds of mass shootings in the USA since 2021 began. Three people here, six people there, a disgruntled employee here, a birthday party attendee there – and the number of people shot each month has gone up every month – thankfully these shootings haven’t take place in schools or places of worship in 2021 – but the year is still fresh. We are barely into May yet.

This is more than disturbing. While it’s nice to have the pandemic’s effects becoming less as mass vaccinations roll out in the U.S. – this is a problem that inspires a whole different kind of terror. The psychosis induced by the Trump presidency and then by Covid and a year of shut-down is largely ignored by the U.S. public at large. Prior to 2017, we were already a nation of people needing extreme mental health interventions – at this point, we are quickly approaching a critical mass situation. The looming eviction crisis and the nearly 100% certain pullback of financial assistance to those who were most badly affected by the past year is going to drive a lot of people over the edge. Yes, the stock market is up and real estate is red hot and employment is coming back – but this is leaving most people who were already in precarious situations in worse ones.

When schools reopen in the fall, it might be time to buy the kids those bulletproof backpacks.