The Secession is Imminent – Watch for it!


I am relieved that Republicans like Mitch McConnel have begun to acknowledge that Dumpy lost and to congratulate Biden after more than a month of atrocious anti-decent behavior. Even Russia’s President Putrid has congratulated Biden at this point. When Putrid abandons Dumpy, Dumpy is done in the White House – so breath a sigh of relief.

But for those who thought Biden winning was the end of things. I have bad news.

Dumpy says it is too soon to give up.

I’m amazed that the world hasn’t seen this coming for four years. I certainly have. Dumpy didn’t create a new Republican Party and brainwash 70 million citizens. 70 million racist, angry, ignorant, and absurd citizens created the leader they wanted from a malleable reality television star. Now they are heading towards that thing they have long thought they want – a second civil war with ‘the Dumpy South’ rising ‘again’. The Arizona GOP went so far as to ask it’s followers if they were willing to die for the cause…insanity.

Texas GOP, Allen West, released a batshit statement condemning the Supreme Court for tossing the Texas-led lawsuit while suggesting that pro-Trump states should secede.

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution,” he said.

The danger is serious enough that the founders of the Lincoln Project, a decidedly right leaning organization has reached out to Democratic Socialists to form a coalition to fight the Dumpy party…yes, you read that right. Neo-cons reaching out to socialists.


Libertarian-Socialist 🌹 @dsaHonolulu

These are the states that will secede. I have no doubt @ewlonmusk has made a deal to create the new confederacy’s Silicon Valley. People are insane if they think this is going to end with Jan 21.

17 states tell Supreme Court they support Texas bid to reverse Biden win

Larry Ewwlison, a big Dumpy supporter is now doing the same as Ewwlon Musk. Oracle Corporation is moving to Texas.Others (like Hewlett Packard which just announced as well as Palantir and Dropbox) will follow and pay attention to their politics because they all tend to be on the Dumpy Conservative side of things.

To be clear – I personally would be all for the Dumpy states to secede as long as they took their Dumpy supporting friends with them from states such as California, Oregon, and Washington – those folks could all move to Utah, Montana, and Texas and good riddance.

That seems like a fairly unlikely scenario however, but maybe we can actually run the seditious traitors out of congress – this also seems beyond the ability of the NeoLibCon DNC. So, unfortunately, we have a country only until the Dems allow the Dumpsters to destroy it. Meanwhile Covid-19.

Covid took Charlie Pride this week. “They used to ask me how it feels to be the `first colored country singer,‘” he told The Dallas Morning News in 1992. “Then it was `first Negro country singer;’ then `first black country singer.′ Now I’m the `first African-American country singer.′ That’s about the only thing that’s changed. This country is so race-conscious, so ate-up with colors and pigments. I call it `skin hangups’ — it’s a disease.”

Pride was raised in Sledge, Mississippi, the son of a sharecropper. He had seven brothers and three sisters.

In 2008 while accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the Mississippi Governor’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Pride said he never focused on race.

“My older sister one time said, ‘Why are you singing THEIR music?’” Pride said. “But we all understand what the y’all-and-us-syndrome has been. See, I never as an individual accepted that, and I truly believe that’s why I am where I am today.”

And…notable passing of Tommy Lister this week from Covid-19. Covid killed Deebo. That’s crazy.

The pandemic combined with Dumpy is doing the job of really showing the world who Americans are…here’s a sample: The Worst People are Dining Out During the Pandemic

It’s not all bad news though –

The Christmas star will be visible starting Monday. A rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that hasn’t been visible on earth since 1223. Hopefully it’s a good omen and not a bad one.

Next Monday is the Winter Solstice, and it happens to coincide with a once in several hundred year event. While some are calling it the ‘Christmas Star’ or the ‘Star of Bethlehem’, the bright spot in the sky on Monday evening won’t be a star at all.

Europe is focusing on a green new deal with hyperloops and hydrogen aircraft in the mix!

There are actually some good people fighting for a better world and some of them are even politicians. AOC is the most important voice in American politics right now – people may not realize it, but it’s true. Today she blasted the DNC leadership and called for a better tomorrow:

“The hesitancy that I have is that I want to make sure that if we’re pointing people in a direction, that we have a plan. And my concern — and this I acknowledge as a failing, as something that we need to sort out — is that there isn’t a plan,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “How do we fill that vacuum? Because if you create that vacuum, there are so many nefarious forces at play to fill that vacuum with something even worse.”

MacKenzie Scott who kicked Jeff Bezos to the curb after he cheated on her is giving away her fortune to charity at a record rate. This billionaire is disproving the myth that it can’t be done. She’s already given away $6 billion dollars this year.

Finally, Bitcoin broke the $20,000 per coin mark early this morning. The good news is no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is – so it’s still decentralized and not under banker or government control – the bad news is that it is far more controlled than it should be.

That’s all for this week,