The Republican Debates (CNN-Youtube) – My Analysis

Huckabee smiled. Romney and Giuliani both snarled at each other and proved without a doubt that they are assholes (as if more proof were necessary!) Romney wouldn’t say waterboarding was torture, Giuliani showed he is desperate and petty. McCain (poor McCain) looked tired and discouraged as if he now knows that he blew it in 2004 by endorsing Bush and so blew his one shot at the presidency. Ron Paul, kooky and outspoken as always made sense. The man makes sense. Fred Thompson seemed arrogant and unconcerned as if he doesn’t care and used the chance to show a youtube style video that slammed Romney and Giuliani. And Tancredo…well…the man is the stereotypical dickhead. Oh yeah, Huckabee smiled and came across as one hell of a nice guy. In short, a number of rich white guys took the stage and tried to demonstrate that they stand for rich white guy values more than the other.
That’s my analysis.