The Reasons I Probably Don’t Like You

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I know you can’t believe someone doesn’t like you, but actually, I don’t.

The Reasons I Probably Don’t Like You

If you think I don’t like you, don’t worry. You’re probably right. I doubt that feeling would come from nowhere. It probably comes from the fact that I don’t like you. Here are some probable reasons:

1) You keep touching me. Unless we are intimate (meaning have had or are going to have sex) or you are so smoking hot that I’ll later have masturbation fantasies about your touches later – I generally don’t like to be touched. Stop it.


2) You keep interrupting me and other people who are having interesting and respectful conversation with non-related topics. You are a conversation hijacker and distractor. Gross! Go away.

3) You are too loud. Volume doesn’t equal excitement or interest except to 4-year-olds.

4) You don’t understand when I say “No, I don’t want to drink shots from a navel (or anywhere else)” and you keep pushing me to drink and get super drunk with you

5) When the topic of books come up you start to talk about movies, when the topic of films come up you talk about films that have the following plot “A single American saves the entire world”

6) You like to degrade and belittle Fags and Jews and possibly tell jokes about ethnic minorities or religions

7) You are inconsiderate of the need of others for peace and quiet

8) You offer criticism without offering a suggestion for how to improve. Any idiot can say something is shitty, but it takes someone of substance to say “That is shitty and this is how it could be better..” for example “You are shitty and you could be better if you read this and paid attention to it…”

9) You are incapable of putting things back where you got them from. Messy, slobby, lazy.

10) You want me to like you too much. Nothing builds contempt so much as desperation.