The Poor Door

Here in Honolulu, a developer is asking to be allowed to break the rules and build a bigger high rise. In return, the developer needs to create a number of affordable units. The developer, agreed to that on condition that the affordable units don’t get access to the higher income amenities like the pool, the garden, the clubhouse – and they have to go into the building in separate doors and use separate elevators. The local media here has called it “the poor door’.

I’m sorry, but it’s gone too far. Not the developer, but the whole fucking system. Babies don’t get to choose their parents and frankly – 99% of poor babies will be poor and 99% of rich babies will be rich and if I’m to say it with brevity, all I can say is this: it is wrong. All of it is wrong.

Land ownership, inheritance of power, massive fortunes, extreme wealth, extreme poverty, homelessness, and more. There are answers. There are ways to solve these problems. There are ways to deal with them all. We simply need to be willing to do so and willing to ignore those who tell us that they are not problems.