The Number Twenty Three – Part 1

It happened on November 23, 2023 at 11:23 AM Eastern Standard Time.  Nobody planned that, it just happened – the same way the September 11the tragedy happened  twenty two years earlier on a day that echoed the phone number American’s call for emergencies. 9-11, 911, and the number twenty-three or like we all started to call it shortly afterward 23.

23 was what the preppers had been getting ready for, it was what the doomsdayers were trying to foresee, it was what Hollywood had been making billions from for decades and what governments and rational people had been doing their best to get a handle on and keep from happening – and yet not a single person was ready for it when it happened. If we’d have still had mass communications, there wasn’t a single talking head that could have gotten up and said “This was exactly what I warned everyone about…”

It wasn’t solar flares, World War IV, aliens, global warming, terrorists, bird flu, the end of petroleum, a meteor, the second coming, armageddon, or anything else that had been streamed over the internet to entertain a population that seemed intent on finding new ways to envision their end times. A zombie plague didn’t spring from a cancer cure, Hitler wasn’t cloned, and nobody seized the American people’s guns. It was far more complex and far simpler than that.