The next great apocalyptic character driven novel

Title Contest

….Suggest a title…prize – free complete pdf copy and bragging rights, plus acknowledgement for suggesting the title.

I want to go from the ground up with my already completed apocalyptic sci-fi novel. I’m going to be publishing the individual chapters here and archiving them at starting in just a few days…I’m hoping to hear feedback from as many geeks and readers as possible. I will be giving away copies for great suggestions along the way. If you absolutely love it and have to have the complete draft, I will also be offering the chance to purchase it for a low price. For those of you who already have it – your input is invaluable, so please share.

The first thing I want is a better title: Here is the summary:

The impossible has happened — a magnetic polar shift destroyed life as they knew it and small pockets of survivors are left to fend for themselves. Survival is their top priority, but certainly not their only problem as bigotry and exploitation soon raise their ugly heads. What will they do, where will they go and why do they have the feeling someone or something is watching them?