The Internet is Ruining Us

After approximately 17 years of observation, both academic and casual – I have reached the conclusion that the internet is killing us. It is a gradual death – much like being poisoned one drop at a time over the course of years – but death it is. Like a heroin junkie, an alcoholic, or a hard-core smoker – even knowing it is killing me, I find myself unwilling to give it up.

It is useful for making money. It is a way to connect with distant friends (and even those close by). It is an extension of the ego, my ego – and everyone else’s.

Baby steps. I am getting our internet at home cut off later this month. I will retain my iPhone and service and have internet at our business – but this is at least one step. I don’t want to be part of the internet of things. I don’t want to be further sucked into the time-suck we call social media. I want to use it for work and necessity – while abandoning it for hobbies and social interaction.

We will see. I’m sure you already see that I am still here. Getting poisoned one drop at a time.