The Grand Comedy

I can’t overcome my suspicion that this is all some grand comedy put on for the amusement of beings we can neither see nor communicate directly with.

I would sincerely ask for forgiveness for all of my misdeeds except when I examine my own coding, I know that I am likely to make the same glitches, or different ones – the problem is in my code.

Also, I’ve always believed that it takes more than a thief to make a thief – it also takes the circumstances around the thief. I use this same metaphor with my daughter when I teach her to lock her bike – it takes two people to make a thief, one to do the stealing and the other to allow the opportunity. Still, that is no justification for the thief – nor for the greedy politicians and business people looking for profits.

A prophet of a different sort offered one of his followers the following “Trust in God, but tie your camel” – and for all my ranting at injustice and economic inequality – I’ve been the victim of it enough to know that I don’t want to be the victim of it.

This may well be the end of humanity, the end of civilization as we know it – but in the midst of that, I’m trying to jockey to improve my own position, that of my family, my child. Oh, the comedy of that – I’m buying and selling the same commodities that are responsible for the problems I hate the most – perhaps at the very time that I should be washing my hands of the entire system – but the system has shown itself to be too resilient in the past – the recoveries and positive corrections too swift.

Y2K was a joke. The aftermath of September 11th attacks left the world with less freedom, less security, and more hatred – when it should have done the opposite. Stocks boomed when the US invaded Iraq on false pretenses in 2003. The 2008 financial crisis stole homes from the bottom and gave them to the top – this crisis will be no different.

But the irony of this particular dark comedy continues to amuse those watching it. People scrambling for position while the curtain is coming down on them.

I would be watching with amusement if it weren’t for the intense pain that has risen in my teeth over these past two weeks – I doesn’t allow me to sleep, concentrate, or enjoy this sudden family time that I treasure. Being awake is agony and sleep is impossible.

Apparently, I’ve earned my spot in hell. Now, how about those markets….