The Dangers of Today

We’ve gotten used to it – sending emails and texts with our phones, not taking even the barest precautions with safeguarding our privacy. Did you know that the average American or Brit is caught on closed circuit television 300 times per day? That’s right – 300 times per day. If you go to and log in – you can see exactly where you have been in the past five years – down to specific addresses – and much more. Facebook has a list of the phone numbers, names, and addresses of every person you have interacted with, and a list of everything you have ever liked or used another emoji on. These are just two companies – and hey, why worry – they have mottoes like ‘Don’t be evil’ – so nothing to worry about right?

I wouldn’t be so sure. A new British snooping bill gives the UK sweeping new powers to spy on their citizens and no requirement to ever tell them.The US government which even Il Douche admits is on a par with the Russians for being bad guys – certainly already uses that data and is not going to tell you about it. All this data is voluntary – you give it away freely because ‘Hey, I’ve got nothing to hide’ and that’s legit – except, as I’ve written before – your data is being used to figure out how to sell you ideas, products, and to change the way you think.

There isn’t much you can do – except be aware of it. Even if you clear your browser history, set your facebook privacy settings to the max, use a secure search engine like, a vpn privacy browser like Opera, or an encrypted account – you are still leaving a huge digital footprint. And, even if you have perfect security for your privacy – it is likely that those you interact with do not – and that’s the key to hacking someone’s information if they are secure – the insecure people around them.

If there is a mobile phone, an Alexa, a smart appliance, a computer, a television, a cctv system without a deeply encrypted password which is not on a private network, or a drone flying overhead – you do not have privacy.

And, the bad news, there isn’t anything you can do about it. A totalitarian government or a bad guy with bad intentions can use your data against you. All you can do is be aware of it – and limit your exposure the best you can.