The Bullshit Factor

One of the reasons you’ve never seen me on a New York Times Best Seller List is because as full of shit as I may be, I’ve never been so full of shit as to offer you bullshit.

The bullshit I mean is everywhere on the web but particularly in the travel-blog-osphere.

“I stopped doing what I didn’t like, and started doing something fun, and now I’m having a wonderful life doing what I like” Stop. Fullofshit. Period.

I mean, obviously, that is where the money is at “I stopped doing what I didn’t like and began doing things that were fun and now life is wonderful” – BUT, it’s a crock of shit.

I’ve met those people. They aren’t happy. They aren’t having fun. They are liars.

They work hard, they worry about money, they are lonely. Sound familiar?

Hello exporting American job and work ethic!

Fuck that. The key to happiness is not quitting your job and traveling the world. It’s not going to Spain and developing your tour business, and it’s not opening up a new age travel agency (okay, it might be but not likely) – instead, it’s about putting down the modern expectations.

But, here’s the catch…that’s really fucking hard…

More tomorrow…