The Boomers

This afternoon, I had two baby boomer couples come in – they were wearing their Harley Davidson leathers and made it known right away that they had downsized from their big lifestyle and were no longer buyers…just browsing…they told me about how fucked up their kids had been before they sacrificed their precious adult lives to save the kids – by parking their RV in the kids driveway for a year without paying rent and helping them straighten their lives out and then moving on with no restrictions. These kind, loving, parents, who had no complicity in their children’s fucked upness – gave up some of their retirement time to help their children and grandchildren….

It’s why I can’t do this work anymore. Sitting behind a counter waiting to get paid for my merchandise and listening to this generation of selfish bullshit pukes spewing their own praise. Oh, you poor baby boomers with such fucked up children…and no responsibility for your children’s lives being fucked up.

Fuck you. You made the lives your children live. You are responsible. You created this mess. I wish I could puke on your face.