The Ant and the Grasshopper Part 2

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The truth is, the ants control the world. In doing so, they have been trying for a long time to turn all of us grasshoppers into ants. What I mean, is they want us to produce, produce, produce and then consume, consume, consume. They want us to give up our pleasure in life and join them in drudgery so that they can feel like they are making the right decision. They want us to validate them by joining them, or they want to smugly look on as we freeze and starve to death. I say, nix to them.

I’ve rewritten the ending of the old fable. Here it is.

You better get to work or you’re going to freeze to death this winter,” the ant told the grasshopper, ever so smugly.

My life is my work,” the grasshopper said. “You better take a second to enjoy your life or you’re going to keel over prematurely of a coronary. You’ll wake up one morning a very old ant and wonder why you never saw your kids grow into big red ants. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. You better worry about you though.”

The ant continued working and the grasshopper continued playing his fiddle and dancing in the moonlight. In fact, the grasshopper had so much time to practice his fiddling and dancing, that he became a virtuoso!

When the winter came the ant waited hopefully to see the grasshopper freeze or to have him come begging for warmth or food. It didn’t happen though. The grasshopper had enough time to learn where to get food and how to stay warm without the ant’s help. He spent the winter entertaining friends with his fiddle playing and staying warm using creativity. When spring came around, he was just fine.

So these tips aren’t for beggars. They’re for those hardy souls who choose not to be ants. It’s a collection of a few of the things I’ve learned to get through the winter. It’s for grasshoppers and ants that want to live like grasshoppers.


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