The Age of Uncertainty

Is it going to happen?
Are the words true?
Is he just talking to talk or does he really believe what he says?
Is this really a big storm or is the media just blowing it up?
Are these statistics put out by a lobbying group?
Do the facts in that ad stand up to scrutiny?
Who paid for the public service announcement?
Is this fake news?
Is this the truth or is it alternative truth?

We don’t know. We might think we know, but we don’t. We don’t know if the emissions and mileage on our cars are accurate. We don’t know if a person is in our tribe or pretending to be in our tribe. We don’t know anything. We have created the age of uncertainty – or at least someone has created it. Madison avenue and focus groups, public interest funding and special interest funding, legislation that misleads or hides the truth. We know nothing despite the non-stop news and non-stop reporting and incessant talking, tweeting, and social media sharing. No one is certain of the truth.

Except me. What’s that? You know the truth? Well…the truth you know isn’t the truth I know…so let’s fight about it.