Terror Suspect of the Week : Naked Monks

Kajuraho temples are really something you wouldn’t want to miss. The temples spread the entire town and you need to rent a bicycle or a rickshaw to visit the ones who are far away. You can spend hours admiring the detailed carvings, which portray day to day activities in the human life. However their world wide fame derived from the carvings depicting sexual human acts.
Despite the aggressive touts, Kajuraho can be a laid back place. There isn’t really much else to do there aside from visiting the temples and eating good food. Somebody who has been in India for a while learns to appreciate quiet places such as Khajuraho.
Among the group of temples, there is one which is a Jain temple where we were told that a Skyclad Jain monk just left the place a few days earlier. Not knowing what a Skyclad Jain Monk is exactly, I have asked my husband.
‘These are the Naked Monks.’ He said.
I’ve heard about nudist beaches in the West before, but I know that outside those beaches, no one is allowed to walk around naked. Not only it is inappropriate, but it is against the law.