Terror Suspect of the Week: Florida's Anti Christ

This is a part of the reason why I hate Democracy and think that a tyranny of the majority is dangerous. Are the people that are following this guy (and every other wacko cult leader) actually capable of voting intelligently? Look at George W. Bush…he was elected twice (an interesting note is that 70% of Muslims in the US voted for George W. Bush in 2000…this is true). So, can you honestly say that you trust or believe in democracy? I can honestly say that I don’t. I think many people are more likely to make a bad decision collectively.


‘Jesus’ shows up in form of convict By Rachel Sheets
Would Jesus be a heroin addict, divorcee and owner of three Rolex’s? When I think of Jesus, those are not things I associate with him.
However, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is a 60-year-old millionaire who lives in South Florida and proclaims to be Jesus Christ reincarnate. “His followers call him everything from apostle to dad, or simply Jesus Christ man,” according to http://www.cbs4.com.
He is the head of the Growing in Grace ministry, which is located in Miami, Fla. His ministry claims to have thousands of members in more than 30 countries, according to http://www.cnn.com.
De Jesus believes that there is no devil, sin or Hell to pay for your sins. Therefore, he preaches on the “freedom to indulge,” according to http://www.cbs4.com.
His followers are mostly Hispanic men and women who believe all other religions are false and must be
“His followers have organized marches at which they destroy religious books and symbols,” according to http://www.cbs4.com.
When I heard about this man I thought he was absolutely ridiculous. Then I continued to research this self-proclaimed Jesus and became angry and annoyed.
In videos on his official ministry Web page, http://www.cegenglish.com, he says that he will take over the world. He compares himself to the Jesus in the Bible, but when you look at the Jesus described in the Bible, he doesn’t come close to resembling this man.
According to his site, he is on a world tour right now “transforming the nations.”
When you enter his Web page, there is a disturbing picture of him saluting who knows what while wearing a huge diamond ring on his right ring finger. Behind him there is a green road sign that reads “Route 666.”
So, apparently this man, Jesus Christ man, has come to save us all and lead us down road 666. That is comforting since 666 is the Devil’s number.
The Growing in Grace ministry “had several of its members visit a South Beach tattoo shop and tattoo themselves with the numbers “666” at Miranda’s urging,” according to http://www.cbs4.com.
Miranda’s followers believe that when Jesus Christ died on the cross he killed the Devil. Therefore, the number 666 is in reverence to him.
When people are urged to tattoo the numbers “666” on their body, it sounds like they are being brainwashed.
The fact that his followers actually believe he is God on earth baffles me. What makes him so different and special that he really thinks he is Jesus? Nothing that I can see.
He has gained the power to influence people all over the world because his followers invest millions of dollars into the Growing in Grace ministry.
Miranda said he is an anti-Christ and that this person is the best person in the world, according to http://www.cnn.com. However, 1 and 2 John in the Bible refer to the anti-Christ as a deceiver and to be on your guard against him.
This man is not a man I would follow. I do not understand how he convinces people of his so-called “truths.” I would never be convinced to tattoo the numbers “666” on my arm.
Plus, the Jesus I serve would never have been a former heroine addict and convict.

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