Ten Most Visited Posts of 2007 at TerrorSuspect.com

So it looks like butt plugs, dog sex, nude car washes, naked ticklers, and sock monkeys brought a lot of you here. I hope you found something to think about besides all that…Happy New Year.

1)The Bushplug
We sold enough to have some fun and then we stopped making them, but people still love looking at the little fucker.

2)Wife Catches Husband Screwing Pitbull I had no idea dog sex was such a huge draw.
3)Stephen King: Waterboard Jenna Bush, Have Her Decide If It’s Torture A recent post but massive attention for this one.
4)Black Widow silk stronger than Kevlar
5)How to make a sock monkey.
6) Naked Tickler targeting Elderly Women This is one of the all time most popular posts at TerrorSuspect.com
7) X Rated Nude Carwash gets Thumbs Up from Law Enforcement
8) Hot Female Chess Players
9) Terror Suspect of the Week – Bokito the Gorilla
10) Flippers Fucked as Housing Bubble Bursts