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The Shit is Really Hitting the Fan!

Wow. The stars are really lining up for massive change. Chaos at the Greek/Turkish border over the ‘catch and release’ of Syrian refugees into Europe from Turkey. Russia and Saudi Arabia getting into a gas price war that is going to screw American oil and shale extraction, North Korea launching something towards South Korea,  – plus the whole COVID-19 CoronaVirus mess. Bottom line is – get ready for some shit people. It’s hitting and it’s hitting all over all at once.

Crypto prices are tanking, stocks will most likely drop at record levels tomorrow, and who knows how many people were exposed to Covid-19 in DC, Seattle, Europe, and NYC.

But you know what – it’s spring. Maybe we need to start thinking about a good old fashioned May Day Celebration.

And you’ve gotta admit – it seems like maybe the Covid-19 virus is a conscious response from a conscious planet that has had enough of our bullshit. It seems to be targeting the main perpetrators. Yes, a May Day celebration is definitely in order with some good old fashioned Ring Around the Rosies, Pocket Full of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall DOWN.

Here’s a little something to keep your soul cheerful.

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During Possible Iran Crisis – Investors fled to the safety of Bitcoin

It was fantastic to watch a possible crisis flare up (unnecessarily) with the assassination of a government official and all that followed – thankfully, much to our surprise – calmer heads prevailed – personally, we believe that it was an investment ploy to control the direction of markets – as well as a trial balloon to see if assassination can be added to the democratic totalitarian toolbox.

Thankfully, the loss of life in this case was limited to those killed in the initial assassination and the stampede at his funeral – as well as an accidental missile hit to a passenger jet in Tehran from ‘friendly’ fire from Iran itself.

The most interesting part for us – was the panic in the markets. There was a brief window to make a lot of money if one had insider information about the U.S. response – and not completely unexpectedly – investors fled to the safety of Bitcoin. We can expect that any future international conflicts will bring more of this behaviour. Investors also fled to gold – but this seems to have been more of a temporary move.

From 2017 onwards, Bitcoin appears to have been manipulated with news, social media, and movements that could only be pulled off by institutional or governmental whales – in our opinion, all planned out and executed to give said government and institutional bitcoin powers, greater control and power in the bitcoin marketplaces.

One thing we are certain of is that the ‘measured’ Trump response was planned in advance and that Antichrist and his cronies increased their wealth on a massive scale during the seemingly imminent ‘crisis’ that never happened.

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Anticipation Builds for ‘Present’ from North Korea and War with Iran

You have to give this antichrist credit – he’s taking the whole wars and rumors of wars thing to entirely new heights. This guy is either the real deal or he’s working hard to make himself look like it. Watching troops load into planes with 12 hours notice to fly to a war that is almost certainly going to happen feels absolutely surreal – then watching the Wall Street analysts gushing over how this is going to make their oil and defense investments pump – hard to jibe with the fact that what we are talking about is assassination and war. Craziness.

Meanwhile, my conservative friend shows me an email from his Iranian bible friend saying how much he loves and appreciates this assassination – and suddenly Iraq is like “We don’t want US troops here anymore.” Sorry Iraq, it’s been nice pretending that you aren’t a military occupied country – but you are – and you can take it from Hawaii – the US never leaves when they have a big enough foothold and if memory serves – the US Embassy in Iraq is the biggest and most expensive in the world. Not going to happen.

My guess is that we are on the verge of Iraq War III and the antichrist candidate is going to make it a permanent occupation on a par with creation of a new US territory. He wants to keep that oil, remember?

Anyway – I don’t know what is going to happen – but chances are it won’t be good for lots of innocent people.


Using Missiles to Deflect Corruption

Here we go – stories about the Russian influence on the US Presidential Election and over the US President and his administration have grown in credibility and have recently reached the point where it is hard for even the administration’s supporters to continue to deny. What’s a billionaire-populist under attack to do when attacks on former Presidents and former presidential candidates aren’t working any longer? When even the power of a crazy sounding tweet is not drowning out the real sounding stories of a government sold to the highest bidder? What can possibly save a president with the lowest approval ratings ever, a buffoon who is even being called an idiot by the terrorists? When the sexy picture of his former model wife gets less attention than the former first lady with her hair in a headband, what to do? Oh, yeah, start a war. Attack a sovereign nation. Attack a sovereign nation where US troops are currently advising a ground war and where two of our most formidable adversaries are allied and have troops deployed…yeah, that should do the trick. Launch 50 cruise missiles…start a war. Watch how quick the networks build colorful breaking news banners and stop reporting on corruption, collusion with Russia, and the overall ineffectiveness of this administration…

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A Notice to All Young Men


rambling man columnRussia is drafting young men. Who are all those young men going to fight? Maybe they are going to fight you!

That’s right. The military is hard pressed to fight two air wars and maintain worldwide bases. There is good news though. For the first time in recent history the U.S. military has lowered requirements for getting into the service. You no longer have to be a high school graduate. World War III and you could be right at the front of it all.

You might even end up being the last one alive, in the battle or the world. Just think, you’ll get to fight in a war. A real war like your great granddad fought in. Of course it’ll be as ugly as Grandpas Vietnam. It’s already been named for you. World War III. At least we’ve given up naming them things like “ The war to end all wars”. You may have ideas about running to Canada and evading the draft, but guess what? Canada is a member of NATO!!

You’ll get to Canada and be sent to the war. Just imagine , when you’re older you’ll get pay for PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) , gulf war syndrome, various injuries, or mental illness, just like all those Vietnam Vets who haunt dirty bars all over America. Don’t worry though, you’re fighting for a good cause. You will be killing people in order to stop people from killing each other. As a veteran of the Marine Corps, let me tell you what a few good men will get to experience in training. I was in boot camp during The Gulf War, so training was intense, we expected a long war.

Phase I: Sleep deprivation, endless signing of forms, all your hair shaved off, clothes taken, given uniforms, no talking, heavy physical punishment, creation of victim mentality a’ la holocaust

Phase II: Heavy physical training, more responsibility, allowed some hair, the carrot is dangled, weapons training, camaraderie builds

Phase III: Responsibility taken away, heads shaved, heavy discipline, intense physical training to the point of body failure, graduation, pride in accomplishment and all it represents, even if you previously disagreed completely.

It only takes 16 weeks. Now you’re off to fight in a war you believe in. I came out of boot camp talking about sand-niggers and rag-head-motherfuckers. New prejudices given to me so I could kill easier. Luckily the war was over before they could send me.

I would have gone then, gladly. It took me years to find my way to my own beliefs after the brainwashing and indoctrination my country gave me.

You’ll get stories to tell around the campfire of civilization. It makes me a little sad as I see you young men riding skateboards, eyeing young women, and causing mischief on Railroad Avenue . You will probably die in a war. You’re the ones we’ll send first.

You’ll be the first to die. I just thought you should know.