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The Case for Voting for the Antichrist in 2020

First of all – let me say this – as long as there is a candidate who is willing to attack the status quo of money ruling us – that’s where your vote needs to go. It’s certainly where my vote will go.

The candidate who seemed the most likely to do that, Andrew Yang, dropped out of the race yesterday after dismal showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. The other candidates who seem to understand that situation have either dropped out (Corey Booker, Beto O’Rourke) or face the daunting challenge of defeating the establishment Democrat National Party and then defeating Trump in November – the only candidate left who understands the dire situation we face is Bernie Sanders. As long as he is in – there is a chance for the future of the United States.

It’s my opinion, that no other candidate has the potential to defeat Trump. He has the deck stacked against them from the corruption side of things and from the voter standpoint – no one else is offering a better deal for their future. I understand that – I talk with people all the time who say they hate Trump but they love their retirement accounts going up and up – and I can tell, they love their retirement accounts going up and up more than they hate him. When it comes time to vote, they are not going to vote what they perceive to be against their own profits.

I can’t really blame them. Sanders is the one candidate who paints a picture of a radically different world – he proposes to bring the top down and rise up the bottom (as opposed to Trump raising the top and bringing the middle with them). Sanders vision paints a better future for those who aren’t at the bottom – and so does Trump but in a very different way.

The truth is that Trump’s policies are feeding people their own body parts. They are feeding on themselves and complimenting each other on how delicious they are. The rich are sucking every bit of profit they can from the bottom and middle – and after a Trump win, the bottom is sure to drop out. Then the middle. Then the rich will defend themselves with higher walls.

The only legitimate case for voting for Trump is that he is speeding up the destruction of the state apparatus at a rate that seemed impossible four years ago. Not just the USA, but China, the UK, the EU, Mexico, Central American states – he is pushing the envelope for the collapse of the entire state-capitalist system – which, frankly, was the agenda that Steve Bannon laid out for him.

Trump is bringing racism and misogyny into the daylight. He is exposing corruption and back room dealings to the bright spotlight of truth. He is demonstrating the failure of the system of checks and balances, the federal system, and the world economic system.

He’s not doing it from altruism. He’s doing it because he doesn’t care how he gets more as long as he gets more – power, money, prestige, respect. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the entire post World War II neo-liberal power structure that has ever existed – so if that’s something you would like to see go away – it makes sense to vote for him.

All of that being said – I simply can’t do it. I can’t vote for him. I can’t stain my soul with a vote for him – but, if the DNC manages to knock Sanders out of the race, I might just find it in me not to vote for whatever ‘system as it has always been’ candidate – which sort of comes down to the same thing.

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The Fall of the USA Continues

Words just can’t express how far we’ve already fallen – and yet, the crash is going to be so much more incredibly painful when we hit the bottom. We still have a long way to go. With the exception of Mitt Romney, the entire Republican Senate essentially proved that they have already sold their souls with the vote on Donald Trump’s impeachment. They gave him a pass – for everything. This is only going to get worse.

The Democrats meanwhile are so hell bent on keeping their campaign funding and power that they choose to completely ignore the will of the people and willfully pervert voting institutions like the Iowa Caucuses. I’ve got no beef with Pete Buttigieg – he’s a warrior fighting for LGBTQ equality, he did his time in the service honorably, and by most accounts he’s tried his best to be a good mayor. The DNC though is pulling their usual tricks – here’s what happened – I have no proof, but it’s obvious if you look.

They expected a Biden victory. Middle America is so terrified of socialism that when they saw that Bernie Sanders was going to walk away with it – they began messing with the caucuses. Finally, some lily white genius who probably can’t program a remote control decided to release the results in such a way that it looked like Buttigieg won it. They let Pete know about this and he spilled the beans.

The only reason the Iowa caucuses have ever mattered was for bragging rights and they took those from Bernie Sanders and gave them to Buttigieg. Make no mistake, it was some illegal shenanigans going on there and it was either willfully done by Democrats or masterfully manipulated by Donald Trump.

At this point, we can’t get rid of Trump. There’s no candidates who will beat him and if they do, he will be able to call foul play on the elections and refuse to step down. This is going to get really painful for some. My advice is that we just step back and let it play out. When things that actually threaten lives, freedom, or existence take place – then we step up. We need to embrace jiu jitsu here and just let him run with his head.

There’s plenty of other stuff happening at the same time Wuhan Corona Virus continues to balloon, the stock markets continue to go up and up and up – just like a roller coaster that is pulling the car up to where the tracks stop before pushing everyone to their deaths. None of this really matters – the stock markets I mean. That wealth is ephemeral. We’re all going to die at some point and this whole system is reaching the point where all it can do is collapse.

It’s my hope that when these cataclysms happen – we, as people, can find a way to take care of each other – and more importantly to take care of each other’s children. Right now there are 50 million people locked into a quarantine zone with what seems to be a very contagious and deadly disease – think about that. At least a third of those fifty million are kids – probably more.

We are at a time when we need leadership in the world – but we don’t have it. Maybe this crisis will bring it to the fore. Maybe this crisis is what will bring about real change. God help us all.

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Less than ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’ – Humanity on the Brink of Disaster – Wuhan, Nukes, Opiates, Propaganda

It would almost appear that Netflix was holding their ‘Pandemic’ series for an outbreak. We have one now – hopefully not as virulent as it appears and with a lower mortality rate than common flu. Mercenary move by Netflix.

Speaking of mercenaries, it seems that it wasn’t just me who saw that the opportunities for Trump and his gang to use the bully pulpit to make themselves richer in the stock market were ripe for the picking. Obviously the Trumps saw it – and now Vanity Fair and Salon have done some solid investigative reporting into just how much this administration’s corruption is making the Trump’s wealthier..

On another mercenary front, the tragic death of Kobe Bryant this morning was not wasted news on the vendors at the flea market. I walked through this morning and within minutes saw vendors tearing through their nearly worthless 1990s basketball cards looking for anything Kobe. You can’t blame them, since rookie cards quickly short up to $60, $6000, and even one card selling for $60,000 this morning on ebay.

Unfortunately – this is how we (the smartest beings in the universe that we know of) force each other to be.

Despite lots of looking – we still haven’t found life – nor intelligent life – which would probably come very much to the surprise of the authors of this Scientific American article from 1943 – we haven’t even found vegetation on Mars yet!

In the United States, we are spiraling towards dictatorship with the antiquated two-party system but it isn’t the only option (and radicals like me are no longer the only ones calling for change).


October Thoughts on the U.S. 2020 Election

My guess is that Trump has been holding back the killing of Baghdadi (the leader of Daesh) for an emergency oh fuck moment. The fact that he has done it now – probably means that he is in full ‘oh fuck’ mode. I expect that we will start getting lots of positive news about trade breakthroughs with China as he tries to make the economy work a bit better for him.

A friend just told me that Trump showed up to the World Series and the crowd boo’d him! In Washington D.C. !!!

He has four options.

  • Impeachment and getting fired if the Senate has a closed session.
  • Impeachment and not being fired if the Senate has an open session and he can bully enough Republican senators.
  • Pulling his full dictator move before the 2020 election even happens.
  • Quitting and getting Pence to give him a full pardon.

In any event, we have an interesting election shaping up.  Biden has been muddied and frankly isn’t a very good candidate. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders would probably make pretty good presidents but no telling what will come out regarding either of them as the Trump organization digs deeper. As to the other candidates…

  • I still think Andrew Yang could be the surprise derby winner – his supporters don’t have landlines and probably don’t talk to pollsters
  • Cory Booker is seemingly one of the nicest and most caring individuals to ever run for office
  • Julian Castro is smart, but can a guy named Castro win in the USA? I don’t think so.
  • Beto seems like a cool guy but I wouldn’t vote for him – I’m not sure why. I know he’s not a Mormon, but I can picture him knocking on my door to give me religious literature
  • Tom Steyer is a billionaire – I dig his schpiel but not sure I buy it
  • Klobouchar, Buttigeig, Harris – great cabinet material here.
  • As for Tulsi – who I’ve met and generally like – the events of the last couple of weeks have just been too bizarre around her. She threatened to boycott the last debate but then didn’t, she has this bizarre antagonistic thing with Hillary Clinton and the DNC, she spends far too much time on Fox News, she got support from Trump about being a Russian agent, her wacko trip to Syria, her crazy Lanikai cult background, and her anti-LGBTQ past – it all adds up to some weird ass shit going on with Tulsi. Then here Stepford ‘Regime Change War’ over and over again – it all just makes me feel like I have a stranger touching my privates (and not in a good way) so ewwww…
  • As for the old Clinton tribe – won’t surprise me if she does drop herself in it, but please no.

My pick would be some combination with Yang in it. Warren and Yang in either combo -I would start feeling some hope again.


The Mueller Report Fiasco

I’m not sure what Democrats were expecting, but they sure as hell didn’t get it. Over the course of this thing, I certainly allowed my hopes to create fantasies of Trump getting impeached, skewered, and locked up in jail – but that was early on. As the thing dragged on and on, I started to realize that if there were evidence of treason or anything similar – the investigation would have given us some indicator early on. Instead, what they did was hand off a series of Trump cronies as they uncovered unremarkable greedy capitalist crimes and a whole slew of scumbag moves by Trump and his crew that didn’t come anywhere close to the high crimes that Democrats and those of us who are disgusted by Trump wanted…

As we passed the two year mark, I began to realize that we had waited too long to go about impeaching this scumbag and it was that realization that reminded me that Mueller was a George W. Bush Republican appointee as FBI director and that he was put in his current role by the Trump justice department. So, a Republican appointee Republican appointed by Republicans investigating Republicans – yeah – that was never going to be a party destroying report. I’m not saying he lied or didn’t do his job honorably – but it’s pretty doubtful that the guy had any desire to destroy the party that he’d been a part of for his entire life and give Democrats the tools they needed to take the presidency, congress, and more. Was never going to happen.

It just goes against unchangable human nature. Then add in that Trump JUST appointed a new attorney general who has a favorable view of Trump and the senate is still under Trump/Republican control and that Democrats had built themselves up into a serious frenzy that put them on the edge of a cliff – while balancing a ‘green new deal’ ‘socialism’ and a resurgent stock marrket on top of their heads. It was like a present to the Republican crooks.

So, no surprise and only minor disappointment. It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually we learn that there was a back room deal made with Mueller – whether threats, blackmail, cash, or even something like a deal where Trump agreed to give up his plans of Tyranny, sever his ties with the Kremlin, or change course –

I realize that last sounds outlandish…but think about it for a second. A report that said Trump was a puppet of the Kremlin would have torn the country apart. It would have invalidated the election of 2016, created chaos, weakened the Presidency, and could have even led to the destruction of the USA….so…what if, instead, they simply got the situation under control – buried the truth for the good of the country – and simply move on and wait for the 2020 election to normalize things

Economics Future

As the Economy Goes – So Goes the Nation….

There’s that annoying phrase you hear every four years – “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation” or sometimes it’s “New Hampshire” – I was in New Hampshire once and I’ve been to Ohio a couple of times. I met some fine people in both places – but that kind of thinking needs to go out the window. The fact that we have a system where we can even think for a moment that one state out of 50 represents what we are all thinking is total balderdash.

Not so much, with the title of this post. The Vagorithm Index is in the toilet right now – this morning it dropped as low as 275.6 – pretty close to the all time low. The V.I. contains a whole slew of economic indicators – not just from the USA but also from around the world. It also contains things like where innovation funding is being invested, how many tweets and retweets the buffoon president makes/recieves on a day to day basis, and measures of international turmoil. Mostly, however, it focuses on the US economy – although in the near future, it will need to bring equal focus to the Chinese economy.

Right now, there are massive military excercises taking place daily in the skies of Hawaii – presumably also at other U.S. bases. It’s a bit under the radar, but the U.S. is gearing up for a military conflict of some kind and it’s coming sooner rather than later. I am fully expecting a ‘Christmas Surprise’ – most likely timed to take attention away from anything catastrophic towards the Trump administration from the Meuller probe.

It will also be timed to prime the military/industrial pump of the economy – which is on the precipice right now. This economy wants to crash more than at any time I’ve witnessed since 2000 and 2008. The chickens are coming home to roost. You can’t just borrow borrow borrow borrow and hope that you’ll get lucky somehow at the casino – I mean, you can, and that’s what we’ve done, but at some point, your number is going to come up.

Worldwide right now there are a number of factors that are causing chaos. The children, grand-children, and great grand-children of native peoples who were subjugated, oppressed, enslaved, and murdered are becoming technology savvy – these are no longer people who have been fucked and left voiceless in some far corner of the world – they have voices, they have technology, and they are rightfully pissed. Same goes for women who have been  abused, assaulted, and paid unfairly for generations. Same goes for LGBTQ people and people of color living in first world nations…

Here’s the thing – their cause is righteous and there is no way to stop them. Sure, white guys like me born in the 1970s and later – we might have had nothing to do with it, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t wrongs to be righted and the first wrong has to do with white male privilege – unfortunately, like the stock markets, reactions tend to be extreme – so we are in a time (and will be for some time) when white guys will be guilty first – regardless of who you are and what you have or haven’t done. There is a presumption of guilt. It’s not fair – but life isn’t fair. The wierd part is that that presumption of guilt comes while there is still this very pronounced habit of white male privelige.

And that’s where we get the Trumps and authoritarian sympathizers coming in. These awful Republicans (at least in the US) are more or less getting elected on protecting the entrenched white male privelige. They call it lots of other things but it really comes down to protecting the interests of rich white people – which the entire system is built around – the protection of rich white people. These people would rather see everyone lose their liberty than to see thier privilege eroded. So you have that…not just in the US but also in Europe. That’s the reason for the Brexit…in Europe, the immigrants are changing the society and the average white workingman in the UK is terrified of that happening.  It’s a bit like dwarves moving into a hobbit village to them.

Then you have Russia. How many Russian-Africans or Russian-Japanese or Russian-Arabs have you met? Me personally – and I’ve traveled quite a bit – none. I’m sure there must be some, but all the Russians I’ve ever met have been whiter than an Oregon ass in winter.

Next you have China – China is winning the technology war. Silicon Valley is still ahead – but the Chinese government is pushing, spending, encouraging, and saying ‘fuck the regulations, fuck the copyrights and patents, and fuck the ethical issues” and that is why they will win. Plus they have a centralized government and a population that sees the government as being responsible for providing safety first and everything else second. The Chinese people are willing to move faster. And they will win. There is no getting around this. China wins, no matter what. In China, English is compulsory in schools, the Belt and Road program is making China the dominant investor in developing nations around the word, and the lack of American leadership is leaving it wide open for them.

Automation is going to wipe out millions of American jobs. Automation is not going to wipe out millions of Chinese jobs – it will create millions of them. There is a mindset there that the average American can’t understand…because we don’t study Mandarin and because we don’t understand how the Chinese culture, the Chinese family, or the Chinese mind works. The entitled American independence of ego mentality fails in the coming years.

So, back to the title…As the Economy Goes, So Goes the Nation. Our economy is going into the shitter. It’s been built on market manipulation, easy credit, and massive debt. Obama and Yellen understood how to sustain that and use it to recover. Trump just jumped in there and said “Let’s give everyone free money and we’ll stop collecting taxes too” – and now, we’re fucked.

What can you do?

If you can, put your money in undeveloped land. Buy Bitcoin and other top crypto assets. Invest in technology and build businesses that people will use. Stop borrowing money (unless you want to default and tip the system over all that much faster). Pay down your debt. Stop spending billions of dollars on Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cybermonday, and Christmas. And learn Mandarin. Teach Mandarin to your kids. The USA is on the edge of becoming irrelevent. I’m not sure we can do anything to stop that. There’s no way to ‘Make America Great Again’ or ‘Make America Rich Again’ (Mara by the way is the great temptor of Buddhism, roughly equivalent to Satan). All we can hope to do is to make our country decent to everyone living here and to everyone who dreams of living here. Only then will it ever be anything close to great.



Trumpism is Winning. What if Donald Trump won’t step down?

I’m sorry to tell my liberal friends, but the American system of government has failed. This is not a process that is happening, it’s something that has already happened. The American system of checks and balances, representative democracy, and a constitutional republic have failed and they have failed completely. Donald Trump and the forces aligned with him are in complete control. Sorry, I know it’s not pleasant, but it’s the truth. Unless, you accept the truth now it’s going to make the future much more difficult to understand. Here are the facts:

1) Despite breaking with the norms of transparency (tax returns etc), decency (groping women, cheating on his wife, racism etc), and honesty (documented evidence reveals that Trump has told more than 2000 verifiable lies since being elected) – Donald Trump has not only been elected President with the faulty electoral collge system but also remained in power despite scandals that would have previously brought down any President.

2) Russia meddled in the election. We don’t know how much power they gained as a result. We don’t know if they hold something over Trump. We don’t know if there is ongoing collusion and collaboration.

3) Both houses of congress have shown where their loyalties lie. At the beginning of the Trump presidency there was a chance for Senators and Representatives to resign or resist – a small number of those in the Republican party did. With the death of John McCain, the remaining Republican congress members capitulated to Trumpism. They are either Trumpists or they are leaving at the end of their term.

4) Democrat Party congress members have shown themselves to be ineffective at resisting. Over and over again they have bowed to the pressure of their corporate masters or to the uneducated, angry, and vocal supporters of the president. In addition, Democrats have repeatedly turned on their own party members and created opportunities for Trumpers to build their base in traditional Democrat territory.

5) Trump and his Justice Department have stacked the judiciary with unqualified, right-wing, toxic male judges. This includes the Supreme Court where Trump has pushed through two Supreme Court Justices who will back him and his administration from dawn to dusk and then through the night.

6) Trumpism – which I define as seeking victory by whatever means possible including race baiting, racism, lying, cheating, stealing, and screaming to drown out dissent – as well as fostering a sort of exhaustion through constant media attention – is winning. The Democrats, who have worked for decades with Republicans to destroy and assimilate any viable third party, have no working defense against Trumpism. Currently elected Democrats are almost all vulnerable to attack because they have been part of the system that created the current mess. They can’t point fingers without being charged with hypocrisy. There is no possibility for Democrats to win because they are constrained to be fair, honest, ethical, and saint-like while no such standard is used on Trumpers. There is no way for Democrats to win.

7) The military and law-enforcement leadership have nearly whole-heartedly bought into Trumpism. While there are many women and people of color in these careers who are not Trumpists, the leadership has mostly used military and police indoctrination to put the military firmly in support of Trumpism. Loyalty to the President has been tied to loyalty to the flag and the national anthem and thus the country. We cannot expect the military to rescue the Republic.

There is much more, but that brings me to the question. Imagine that 2020 comes and Donald Trump loses to some candidate – any candidate. It could be Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders or Oprah or Jamie Dimon or even Michelle Obama – we have an election and Trump loses.

Breaking with the tradition of a peaceful transition of power, Trump declares the election invalid. The left has already built this narrative but didn’t act on it with Trump’s (probably) illegal election. {The reason I say it was probably illegal was because if there was Russian meddling which gave Trump the election than he should not have been allowed to take power – but it’s too late for that now}. So, Trump loses – he steps on stage and he says that the justice department has reason to believe that there was meddling from the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans – anyone – and that as a result, he will be appointing a taskforce to look into the results and determine what happened. To protect the country, he refuses to give up power until we have answers.

Who will stop him? The congress? He will scream and accuse them of being part of the conspiracy. Will the judiciary step in? No, he has already taken control of the most powerful courts in the country and has built the basis of a partisan (and loyal to him) Supreme Court. Will the military step in? No, they will look to their leadership and the military leadership is almost completely Trumpist.

So, that leaves the people. The people take to the streets with signs and chants. The protests grow. And guess what? The police are on the side of the Trumpists. The protests will be crushed. The National Guard will be called in and breaking with tradition, the US Military will be called in. Trump will denounce any opponents, he will tell lies, he will mock and destroy the credibility of anyone who challenges him. His police will round up those who oppose him. He will lie and he will build a case for retaining power and he will not step down. Ever.

I’m sorry my friends. I appreciate your efforts to effect change with voting and activism. I love what you are trying to do. I, too, want to see our country saved. But it is too late. The United States of America cannot be saved. It is not my desire to discourage you from the noble work you are engaged in, but the truth is that your efforts are not going to work. They cannot. And, as a result – your efforts are wasted. You are beating your fists against a brick wall.

So, what can you do?

To save the United States? Nothing. It can’t be done. It’s too late.

Instead, people and states who are not Trumpists need to be making other plans. Getting out might be one option. Heading to states like California, Hawaii, Vermont, New York, Washington, or New Mexico might be another option. It’s my opinion that the secesion of California might be the only viable option to save the values that made America great and eventually defeat Trumpism.

I know, that’s an ugly thought because it leads to a second American civil war. I’m not without hope for the future but a positive future for the United States no longer exists. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can focus on an alternative to an America completely under the control of a madman.

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Fahrenheit 11/9 – America’s PTSD on Film – An Honest Review.

I’m not sure why I went to watch Michael Moore’s latest film.  I knew it would make me feel like crap. I knew it would activate terrible emotions. I knew it would re-open the big hole in my soul which used to contain love for my country and then pour battery acid on it. It didn’t disappoint. If you want to feel crappy, if you want to feel pessimistic, if you want to feel angry about racism, gun violence, tyranny, sexual assault, the death of American democracy, genocide and more – this is the film to go see. Plus if you are a combat veteran, a survivor of sexual assault, a victim of racism, or a person who had a pleasant Saturday in Hawaii turned into a moment when you thought everyone you love would be incinerated by a nuclear bomb in thirteen minutes you will be activated. If you have PTSD, anxiety disorder, or suffered huge emotional trauma watching Donald Trump win in 2016 you will be activated and you will suffer. If you or your loved ones survived the Nazis or the Holocaust you will be activated and suffer. If none of that applies to you, you should watch this film but you probably won’t. If any of it applies to you, you shouldn’t watch this film but you probably will. Be prepared to have all your trauma activated. Fuck you Michael Moore.

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Crypto and Nasdaq Bloodbaths and Trump Whitehouse Meltdown

We have officially entered a September that no one saw coming. The entire cryptocurrency market is in a serious bloodbath with Ethereum taking the hardest hits. The Tech sector of the stock markets (along with the continued bleeding of emerging markets) are getting pummelled. The core of the US Government, the White House and the US Presidency have been bombed by a New York Times anonymous editorial that tells us that not only is Trump bat shit crazy and as badly informed about world events as a fifth grader – but that there is also a cadre of people he thought were loyalists who are actively working against his bad ideas and protecting us from within.

Knowing Trump, this means he is about to go on an insane witchhunt and start beheading his minions on the least cause. The US government is going to be shaken by this – even more than it already is. Meanwhile a senate confirmation hearing for a young, dangerous, and authoritarian leaning Supreme Court judge is underway at the same time as hearings on social media giants are being grilled about Russian meddling in US elections.

The markets are in turmoil already and the worst is yet to come. Trump is just getting started on the crazy train. Knowing that there are people working against him is going to take him further over the edge. Bad decisions will follow.

The worst part of it is that given what we already know about the Russian meddling in the US election – he shouldn’t have been allowed to run in the first place – but since he has been in office, he has completely reshaped the US judiciary, the tax code, and more in ways that cannot be reversed. The damage has already been done and frankly, I don’t really see a way back from the precipice. Authoritarianism looms large in the US future.

The stage has been set for a massive financial collapse. I’m not saying that it is coming today or tomorrow or next week or even next year – because the masters of finance have become very good at juggling the bills back and forth. But the bill is going to have to be paid. At the moment,  we are like a bad credit risk with fifteen credit cards who is using balance transfers and cash advances to keep the bill collector from coming. As long as they keep issuing him new credit cards, he can keep up appearances. The U.S. is this person. The U.S. markets are the balancing act.

In terms of the cryptomarkets and the stock markets – if I had more money, I would put it into both. I would watch top companies like Apple, Netflix, Amazon and IBM take nosedives and I would do my best to catch those falling knives. One thing for sure, I would stay away from bank stocks right now. I would stay away from car companies and luxury brands. I would stay away from real estate and I would stay away from anything that needs a booming economy to survive. Staple foods, dollar stores, bargain markets, and things that people won’t do without. And, since you know me – you know that I would also put money in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte and I’m taking a chance on this one but Ethereum Classic.

I think that Ethereum is on it’s last legs – it’s already dropped more than 20% in the past day. Regulation and attacks from all sides have beaten it down to the point that it may not recover. It will bring thousands of tokens down with it. I’m not rooting for this – but it seems to be happening and I can see more ways for it to fail than to succeed.

If Ethereum does fail, something will move into it’s place. Ethereum Classic ($ETC), Tron ($TRX), Neo ($NEO), Stellar ($XLM), EOS ($EOS), and when it is completed Cardano ($ADA) all offer platforms which could replace Ethereum – or maybe it will be something else entirely. Nobody knows.

That’s the thing with the crypto space, nobody really knows what it will do – it’s a brand new frontier and there are no rules, there are no precedents. Because of that, there are also big uncertainties in traditional finance and banking and big uncertainties in politics which arise from that. Throw all of that into the pot with Trump, trade wars, nuclear disarmament talks, Chinese global expansion, and more and what you have is a big messy September.

I hate to say it – but Gold and Silver are probably the safest bets right now. Not the most profitable, but the most stable.



The Fall of the Soviet Union (in reverse) – The Destruction of America

The Soviet Union ceased to be a major political force in the world and unraveled in large part due to two factors:

1) A long and economically exhausting war in Afghanistan that brought terrorism and poverty to the ‘homeland’

2) The fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent ‘People Power’ movement which chipped away at the edges of the USSR until there was no longer any semblance of control and the disparate states and territories began to secede.

Add to this the glamourous allure of capitalism to the masses, the power grabs of former Soviet oligarchs, and the shining beacon of democracy calling to the masses and what you have is a complete collapse in just a few years. So much for the USSR, right?

Well, so we thought. Unfortunately, the bright minds at the KGB had produced Vladmir Putin and while he isn’t even giving lip service to bringing back the brightest ideals of the Soviet Union (i.e. a workers paradise, economic equality, and a future egalitarian socialist liberator) – he has instead appealed to the destroyed ego of the former Soviets. His wrestling with lions, seizing territory, and bitchifying of the U.S. President have restored that old pride in the Russian people. And he has done it without forcing his friends and supporters to give up their massive oil and media fortunes.

It’s no coincidence that the American war in Afghanistan and the figurative building of a non-existant wall between the U.S. and Mexico are heralding the downfall of the United States. Putin is in control and he knows what he is doing. Russia has been and continues to fund the enemies of the U.S. in Afghanistan. Putin’s puppet U.S. President  continues to do his master’s bidding and create the wall between Mexico and the U.S. – all so Putin can exact his ultimate revenge and say “Mr. Trump, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL”. In the meantime, Trump’s supporters become more and more militant and well armed and the Russian Hackerforce is working hard to enable California to break up into three peices and then to begin seceding from the U.S. – Estonia, Latvia, Lithouania – but on the West Coast of North America. In the meantime, the American oligarchs are seizing power on every front, and the divide between those who admire a strongman and those who see a buffoon continues to widen.

Will Putin succeed? So far, the odds seem to be in his favor but those who favor justice have been known to succeed in the face of failure before. Let us hope that things do not go as the oligarchs have planned.