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News Update for Week Ending August 24, 2020

Week ending 8/24/20

Global Covid Cases: 23,475,619

Global Covid Deaths: 810,317

New Deaths: 39,481 an average of 5,640 per day, up slightly from last week’s 5590 per day average

US Covid Cases: 5,855,818

US Covid Deaths: 180,384 – 172,836

New Deaths: 7548 – average of 1078- just slightly down from 1082 per day dying average last week – but as noted before, these numbers are suspect due to the politicizing of COVID-19 in the USA.

Hawaii Covid Cases: 6356

Hawaii Covid Deaths: 47

Oahu Covid Cases: 5806 (1416 new since last week avg 202 per day)

New Deaths Last Week: 7

Average 218 new cases per day up from 211 per day last week. This fire appears to be growing out of control little by little here on Oahu.

Other Covid News: USA, Brazil, and India still maintain the top of the leaderboard in total known cases. USA and Brazil top the death charts with Mexico and then India fighting for third. Mexico had three times as many new deaths from Covid-19 as any other country last week. It seems likely that India will at some point surpass the US in both cases and deaths as they have a population that is four times as large, but the bungling of the US healthcare system might make that a moot point. In the USA total cases are led by California, Texas, and Florida with New York trailing significantly. New York still leads the total deaths by double with New Jersey following and then a tight race between California, Texas, and Florida. This is almost completely a matter of state populations but New York and New Jersey our outliers based on the early epicenter status and high death rates early on. New cases are growing fastest in the former Confederacy. Within California, Los Angeles has been hit the hardest in terms of cases and deaths.

BLM and Civil Liberties Protests: There were multiple violent clashes between BLM and civil iberties protestors and pro-police, white nationalist, and other openly racist or right leaning groups in cities around the USA this week. Portland was the most paid attention to but also in Michigan, Georgia, and other places. The two sides could essentially be tagged as red MAGA hat wearing and not MAGA hat wearing. Federal police once again became involved in Portland as the fascist ‘Proud Boys’ brawled with Antifa and anarchists – peaceful protestors were, of course, caught in the middle.

Economic News: Elon Musk is now the 4th richest person in the world. I don’t really understand this. Spending at Walmart dropped dramatically as soon as the unemployment supplement was suspended in the U.S. Mortgages are at their highest default rate ever (16%). Over 30 million people lost their jobs between mid-March and mid-May. But the wealth of America’s 600+ billionaires ballooned by $434 billion. Apple just became the first $2 trillion dollar company. Larry Ellison – a major Trump donor (and only person who owns his own Hawaiian Island) is trying to buy Tik Tok for Oracle. Weekly new jobless claims jumped back above 1 million on Thursday. 28 million Americans are collecting unemployment – that’s close to 18% of the working population. So far 30 million people lost their jobs while America’s billionaires became richer by about $434 billion dollars…The richest 10% of Americans own a staggering 84% of all stocks and bonds. The stock market has boomed because the Federal Reserve threw $7 trillion dollars at the stock, bond, and financial markets since March – a move which benefits the richest 10% greatly and everyone else not very much at all. Just so you can see the zeroes – this is how much our government gave the wealthy $7,000,000,000,000 of which nearly half $484,000,000,000 went to America’s billionaires. To put that number in perspective – that $7 trillion could have created 7 million millionaires – in other words they could have given $1 million dollars to every citizen of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North and South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Montana, and Hawaii or alternatively they could have sent over $21,000 to every man, woman, and child in America – instead, well, you get the picture. During the pandemic, the poor lost their jobs and became poorer while the rich kept their jobs and their investments were bailed out. If the Federal Reserve had let markets bottom out, welath inequality would have been cut in half – meaning, the rich would have lost about half their wealth. Instead, low paid workers lost their jobs, got the stimulus and unemployment and handed it over to the rich in the form of rent, credit card bills, and other payments – which filtered right up to the top – as money does – and, let me beat this dead horse, the top didn’t lose anything but only reaped the benefits every step of the way. I’m a fan of socialism, but what we have done in America is create socialism that only exists for the wealthy. There is a huge reckoning coming…some have called it an unemployment tsunami – others just call it collapse.

Note: American and European Capitalism thrive on crisis which is why for many traders and capitalists, 2020 is being seen as the best year ever. Think about that for a minute as we drive towards 300,000 dead in the U.S. by November.

Political News: The ‘Virtual’ DNC happened this week. Steve Bannon, Curt Schilling and others were arrested for ‘wall fraud’. A judge dismissed Trump’s lawsuit to continue hiding his taxes…but we still haven’t seen them. Over 70 Republican National Security officials have said they will vote for Biden – this has never happened before. Joe Biden’s acceptance speech was a masterpiece of hope and statesmanship – comparing him to Trump really comes down to the simple light versus darkeness, a point which the speech made repeatedly. In a secretly recorded conversation the sister of ‘President’ Trump said ‘he has no morals and you cannot trust him’ – which surprises no one. The RNC will take place this week which should be fun – watching Trump try to outdo Biden’s convention – already at least five protestors have been arrested in Charlotte outside the convention site.

International News: The president and prime minister of Mali have been arrested by the people. Blockades in Bolivia continue. Belarus anti-government protests continue. Israel has been bombing Gaza every night for at least a week with war planes. Iran is showing off some new intercontinental balistic missiles.

Severe Weather and Other News: The hosttest temperature ever recorded on Earth was recorded this week in Death Valley, California. 130 F or 54.4 C. Fires are ripping California apart. It looks like two hurricanes are going to hit the Gulf of Mexico coastine from Houston to New Orleans. Oh, and it looks like a small asteroid may hit earth the day before the U.S. elections…just to add some drama to an otherwise boring year…

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The Week in Review for July 19, 2020

This is my weekly update for the week ending July 19, 2020. I’m sure I missed a lot of important stories so please feel free to comment on them below.

Global Covid 19 Cases: 14,495,636
Global Covid 19 Deaths: 606,474
37,377 newly dead, this is an average of 5,340 per day up from 4869 last week

U.S. Covid 19 Cases: 3,840,748
U.S. Covid 19 Deaths: 142,926
5,350 newly dead, avg of 764 per day this is slightly up from 741 last week

Hawaii State Total Covid 19 Cases: 1,354
Island of Oahu Covid 19 Cases: 1,040
Total State of Hawaii Covid 19 Deaths: 24
311 active cases from 309 last week. Hawaii average of 22 new cases per day slightly down from last week but we lost 5 people to it island wide last week.

Pandemic News:
The Trump administration changed the ways numbers are reported last week, going directly to the administration instead of through the CDC – so all of the American numbers are now suspect. This happened mid-week so probably not a huge effect this week, but moving forward the numbers will probably be more manipulated. There were an unusually large number of celebrity and politician deaths last week – some from Covid, some from other things. The U.S. keeps topping single case day records. Deaths are starting to go up now as well. Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California appear to be on the brink of having New York size emergencies. They will most likely either move into lockdown mode again or have much larger emergencies. The re-opening has been a deadly failure. Many schools in those states have opted to go virtual only but Orange County bizarrely decided to go full open with no social distancing and no mask requirement. California has made wearing a mask mandatory and is starting to issue tickets for violations. Several companies have suggested they are having good results producing vaccines which produce anti-bodies, but researchers are now saying antibody protection will now last only several months. A large number of infants have caught the disease in Texas. The $600 pandemic unemployment supplement benefit ends this week. The pandemic moratorium on evictions and foreclosures ends at the end of the month. Meanwhile, Trump supporters continue to say having to wear a mask is an infringement on their civil liberties and have taken to wearing masks with holes in them or masks made from lace in protest. You can’t make this stuff up.

U.S. Political and Economic News:
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is battling liver cancer.
In presidential politics multiple polls are saying that Biden has a huge lead over Trump. This sounds like 2016 again to me. There are lots of people who vote for Trump but won’t admit it. Lots of people don’t want to be on any record voting for a racist dictatorship. As many as 50% of African-American owned small businesses won’t survive. This is probably true for all small business. Tesla, Amazon, and many other stocks are at record highs.

The U.S. has sent federal agents and troops into Portland to squash protests – their excuse was grafitti on public buildings and monuments. Activists have been being abducted by camouflage wearing soldiers in unmarked vehicles, not read their rights, not arrested with due process, and later released. These are gestapo tactics. The federal presence in Portland is fanning flames higher. Portland is the wrong city to try militant strong arm tactics in. These protests have moved from being Black Lives Matter protests to protests that are about the infringement of civil liberties.

Twitter was hacked earlier this week. Dozens of high profile accounts were used to run a Bitcoin scam which authorities say yielded 12 Bitcoin, about $100,000. Former president Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Apple and many others – the Twit in Chief was not among them. To me, this feels suspect on several levels. First, if you have root level access why not take the highest profile account of them all and secondly these are all people who have either openly gone against Trump or recently abandoned him. The fact that they only went after Bitcoin is also suspect, the operation probably cost more than it yielded. Further suspect is the fact that the accounts were not used to sew chaos – which could easily have been done. This was a test, it seems clear.

Iran claims to have 24 million people infected which seems possible but impossible to have tested for.

On a personal note, I completed my book Not My America: A Stranger in My Strange Land. It’s free and you should download it and share it. The last two chapters in particular are something everyone should read, titled Not My America and My America. You can download a free PDF copy at read it online.

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News Roundup for Week ending July 12, 2020

This is my weekly news roundup for the week of 7/12/20/
World Covid Cases: 12,925,331
World Covid Deaths: 569,097
(34084 newly dead – 4,869/day – from 4639 last week) :
US. Covid Cases: 3,380,429
US Covid Deaths: 137576
(5189 newly dead – 741 deaths per day from 597 last week)
This felt like the longest week since the early days of the pandemic. I’m sure that I missed plenty of stories, please share them in the comments.
Lots of people died this week. Now remember, this is the season we are supposed to have it easy as the virus gets weaker during the summer – so brace yourselves for autumn and winter. More and more accounts of healthy people who put themselves in precarious social situations (a party, a day at the lake, a family gathering) and then caught the virus, were hospitalized, posted on social media about their mistake and then died. Also 40 Bay Area principles meeting to discuss school opening strategies with other principles ALL BECAME COVID POSITIVE. 3 teachers working in the same classroom ALL CAUGHT COVID and one died. Even Trump is wearing a mask in public now. Many states are quickly reaching ICU capacity and death is marching across the most populous states in the USA. If you aren’t alarmed and you think all of this is some sort of hoax – good luck with your burial. Hawaii is considering pushing back the August 1 ‘reopening of tourism’ which would end the mandatory 14 day quarantine for out of state visitors but seems to be rolling ahead with the August 4th school re-opening. Disney World re-opened despite 15,000 new cases a day in Florida.
In politics – it was the Trump show as usual. Trump’s niece was allowed to publish her tell all book which among other things told how he paid someone else to take his SATs and college entrance exams. Trump gets to keep his financial info secret from congress but not from the New York prosecutor. Trump says he aced a cognitive test. Trump commuted his buddy Roger Stone’s sentence – Stone was convicted of, among many other things, lying to congress. Trump’s son’s girlfriend caught Covid-19. Trump’s admirer (president of Brazil) caught Covid. The US left the World Health Organization this week. Trump is trying to bully states into re-opening schools by withholding federal funding for education. Trump cancelled his New Hampshire rally – the Tulsa rally resulted in a large number of Covid cases to attendees – but his campaign says it is because of rainfall, not COVID – insiders say it is because of lower than expected attendance.
In economics – Chapter 11 bankruptcies are up by 26% but the stock market continues to climb based on the barest whisper of a possible vaccine or cure ignoring the fact that unemployment is still higher than anytime in generations, people are still not going out, and that the home saving $600 UI stipend will be ending at the end of the month. Renters are already skipping paying rent and the biggest foreclosure and eviction pandemic in US history is on our doorstep.
COVID has put more than 100 U.S. companies on court-assisted life support and hundreds more are destined for a similar path. All told, Chapter 11 business filings increased 26% in the first half of the year and the pace does not seem to be slowing. In the past few days, Brooks Brothers, Muji, and Sur La Table joined the somber list, which already includes Chesapeake Energy, Cirque du Soleil, Hertz, and J.C. Penney.
In social justice/protests/BLM – the marches and protests have largely stopped. The tearing down of statues has largely stopped. There has not been a huge amount of systemic change but it does feel like this has been a giant leap forward – if not in political action at least in awareness.
In international news – President Erdogan of Turkey continued to roll back the progressive moves of the country’s founder – this time by turning the Aya Sophia (Hagia Sofia) from a museum back into a mosque. Kamal Mustapha Ataturk turned Turkey from the ‘sick man of Europe’ into an economic and political powerhouse by making the country secularly governed while still Islamic in nature – Erdogan has largely ruined Turkey, selling national assets to his cronies, destroying the political structure, and in many cases blatantly trying to erase Ataturk from history. Trump has largely been following Ergogan’s game plan in shoring up power in the USA. Erdogan has been the most frequently telephoned world leader from the White House since Trump took office – think about that. Eventually, I believe we will see that the two of them are financially intertwined on multiple levels.
Serbia is facing huge anti-government protests over the country’s handling of coronavirus.
Most bizarre story of the week: Apparently after Hurricane Maria – Trump considered the possibility of selling Puerto Rico.
Most ominous herald: A new comet called NEOWISE is now visible in the night sky.

Happy? Independence? Well – at least it’s a day. July 4th, 2020

My suspicion is that this will be the last Independence Day we will see with the current United States of America.

There’s simply too much. Too much wealth disparity. Too much corruption. Too much greed. Too much misplaced value.

Not to mention everything else. I don’t need to spell it out for you. It’s already spelled out.

 Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Labor Department Nails It  

Trump is hosting another big social event during pandemic

Jeff Bezos is so rich he just set a new record

Turkey convicts human rights activists on terror charges

 How We Got Here: the Global Economy’s 75-Year Stumble to the Precipice

And it goes on and on…

Trump intends to stay in office regardless – here’s how.

Every year typically has a few defining moments, but the past six months have contained many world-changing, paradigm-shifting developments.

Good luck everyone. Happy 4th of July.

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The Biggest Transfer of Wealth in World History Part 1

capitalism wage cutsThe stock market crash caused by the pandemic was the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. That wealth went exactly the oppossite of how most people (99.99%) should want it. It went directly from the bottom to the top.

As I write, Trump and the talking heads on economic television are crowing about the amazing economic recovery.  The stock market has pumped back up to levels where it was prior to the crash, the May jobs report just came out and blew everyone away by adding 2.5 million jobs instead of losing another 8 million.

I don’t know how to break it to you, so I’m just going to tell it like it is. This is all fuckery – or more accurately – trumpery. Websters Dictionary defined trumpery as 1) deceipt, fraud or 2) worthless stuff. That’s exactly what this is.

The 2.5 million jobs that came back were mostly leisure and hospitality – jobs in restaurants and hotels and bars – and they come back while a real unemployment rate of close to 20% still exists (the trumpery rate is 13% which is still an alarming rate). The jobs that ‘came back’ were almost completely temporary layoffs that were brought back from a near total lockdown mode to a gradual opening of the economy.

Those stock market gains? Who can afford to invest during a pandemic and economic collapse? The point-one-percenters, that’s who.  Who gains from the pandemic going away and the stock market rising? Trump. His campaign has been in tatters as people see the economy erode. This is trumpery in more than one way.

Covid-19 cases have been steadily rising since Memorial Day and the increase from the George Floyd protests aren’t even showing themselves yet. The moratoriums on mortgage and rent haven’t yet expired – that will be the end of July. And, do we even need to talk about the largest mass protests in U.S. history?

This ‘economic recovery’ is one of the biggest lies that has ever been told and here is what is going to happen – people are going to flood into the stock market trying to recover their losses (because most people suffered huge losses and couldn’t afford to speculate when society might be collapsing) and then – it’s going to happen again.

The political protests are going to hit critical masss.

Covid-19 cases are going to explode upwards and death tolls will begin rising again..

Evictions, foreclosures, and defaults are going to light up the night sky.

The markets are going to crash again as the smart money takes their insane profits and exits amidst the chaos.

This whole thing is an economic mass shooting. Not to mention, a deadly pandemic is about to hit us harder than ever – again. Get ready for the biggest transfer of wealth in history – part 2.

Best of luck out there.

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The Case for Voting for the Antichrist in 2020

First of all – let me say this – as long as there is a candidate who is willing to attack the status quo of money ruling us – that’s where your vote needs to go. It’s certainly where my vote will go.

The candidate who seemed the most likely to do that, Andrew Yang, dropped out of the race yesterday after dismal showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. The other candidates who seem to understand that situation have either dropped out (Corey Booker, Beto O’Rourke) or face the daunting challenge of defeating the establishment Democrat National Party and then defeating Trump in November – the only candidate left who understands the dire situation we face is Bernie Sanders. As long as he is in – there is a chance for the future of the United States.

It’s my opinion, that no other candidate has the potential to defeat Trump. He has the deck stacked against them from the corruption side of things and from the voter standpoint – no one else is offering a better deal for their future. I understand that – I talk with people all the time who say they hate Trump but they love their retirement accounts going up and up – and I can tell, they love their retirement accounts going up and up more than they hate him. When it comes time to vote, they are not going to vote what they perceive to be against their own profits.

I can’t really blame them. Sanders is the one candidate who paints a picture of a radically different world – he proposes to bring the top down and rise up the bottom (as opposed to Trump raising the top and bringing the middle with them). Sanders vision paints a better future for those who aren’t at the bottom – and so does Trump but in a very different way.

The truth is that Trump’s policies are feeding people their own body parts. They are feeding on themselves and complimenting each other on how delicious they are. The rich are sucking every bit of profit they can from the bottom and middle – and after a Trump win, the bottom is sure to drop out. Then the middle. Then the rich will defend themselves with higher walls.

The only legitimate case for voting for Trump is that he is speeding up the destruction of the state apparatus at a rate that seemed impossible four years ago. Not just the USA, but China, the UK, the EU, Mexico, Central American states – he is pushing the envelope for the collapse of the entire state-capitalist system – which, frankly, was the agenda that Steve Bannon laid out for him.

Trump is bringing racism and misogyny into the daylight. He is exposing corruption and back room dealings to the bright spotlight of truth. He is demonstrating the failure of the system of checks and balances, the federal system, and the world economic system.

He’s not doing it from altruism. He’s doing it because he doesn’t care how he gets more as long as he gets more – power, money, prestige, respect. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the entire post World War II neo-liberal power structure that has ever existed – so if that’s something you would like to see go away – it makes sense to vote for him.

All of that being said – I simply can’t do it. I can’t vote for him. I can’t stain my soul with a vote for him – but, if the DNC manages to knock Sanders out of the race, I might just find it in me not to vote for whatever ‘system as it has always been’ candidate – which sort of comes down to the same thing.

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The Fall of the USA Continues

Words just can’t express how far we’ve already fallen – and yet, the crash is going to be so much more incredibly painful when we hit the bottom. We still have a long way to go. With the exception of Mitt Romney, the entire Republican Senate essentially proved that they have already sold their souls with the vote on Donald Trump’s impeachment. They gave him a pass – for everything. This is only going to get worse.

The Democrats meanwhile are so hell bent on keeping their campaign funding and power that they choose to completely ignore the will of the people and willfully pervert voting institutions like the Iowa Caucuses. I’ve got no beef with Pete Buttigieg – he’s a warrior fighting for LGBTQ equality, he did his time in the service honorably, and by most accounts he’s tried his best to be a good mayor. The DNC though is pulling their usual tricks – here’s what happened – I have no proof, but it’s obvious if you look.

They expected a Biden victory. Middle America is so terrified of socialism that when they saw that Bernie Sanders was going to walk away with it – they began messing with the caucuses. Finally, some lily white genius who probably can’t program a remote control decided to release the results in such a way that it looked like Buttigieg won it. They let Pete know about this and he spilled the beans.

The only reason the Iowa caucuses have ever mattered was for bragging rights and they took those from Bernie Sanders and gave them to Buttigieg. Make no mistake, it was some illegal shenanigans going on there and it was either willfully done by Democrats or masterfully manipulated by Donald Trump.

At this point, we can’t get rid of Trump. There’s no candidates who will beat him and if they do, he will be able to call foul play on the elections and refuse to step down. This is going to get really painful for some. My advice is that we just step back and let it play out. When things that actually threaten lives, freedom, or existence take place – then we step up. We need to embrace jiu jitsu here and just let him run with his head.

There’s plenty of other stuff happening at the same time Wuhan Corona Virus continues to balloon, the stock markets continue to go up and up and up – just like a roller coaster that is pulling the car up to where the tracks stop before pushing everyone to their deaths. None of this really matters – the stock markets I mean. That wealth is ephemeral. We’re all going to die at some point and this whole system is reaching the point where all it can do is collapse.

It’s my hope that when these cataclysms happen – we, as people, can find a way to take care of each other – and more importantly to take care of each other’s children. Right now there are 50 million people locked into a quarantine zone with what seems to be a very contagious and deadly disease – think about that. At least a third of those fifty million are kids – probably more.

We are at a time when we need leadership in the world – but we don’t have it. Maybe this crisis will bring it to the fore. Maybe this crisis is what will bring about real change. God help us all.

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Less than ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’ – Humanity on the Brink of Disaster – Wuhan, Nukes, Opiates, Propaganda

It would almost appear that Netflix was holding their ‘Pandemic’ series for an outbreak. We have one now – hopefully not as virulent as it appears and with a lower mortality rate than common flu. Mercenary move by Netflix.

Speaking of mercenaries, it seems that it wasn’t just me who saw that the opportunities for Trump and his gang to use the bully pulpit to make themselves richer in the stock market were ripe for the picking. Obviously the Trumps saw it – and now Vanity Fair and Salon have done some solid investigative reporting into just how much this administration’s corruption is making the Trump’s wealthier..

On another mercenary front, the tragic death of Kobe Bryant this morning was not wasted news on the vendors at the flea market. I walked through this morning and within minutes saw vendors tearing through their nearly worthless 1990s basketball cards looking for anything Kobe. You can’t blame them, since rookie cards quickly short up to $60, $6000, and even one card selling for $60,000 this morning on ebay.

Unfortunately – this is how we (the smartest beings in the universe that we know of) force each other to be.

Despite lots of looking – we still haven’t found life – nor intelligent life – which would probably come very much to the surprise of the authors of this Scientific American article from 1943 – we haven’t even found vegetation on Mars yet!

In the United States, we are spiraling towards dictatorship with the antiquated two-party system but it isn’t the only option (and radicals like me are no longer the only ones calling for change).


October Thoughts on the U.S. 2020 Election

My guess is that Trump has been holding back the killing of Baghdadi (the leader of Daesh) for an emergency oh fuck moment. The fact that he has done it now – probably means that he is in full ‘oh fuck’ mode. I expect that we will start getting lots of positive news about trade breakthroughs with China as he tries to make the economy work a bit better for him.

A friend just told me that Trump showed up to the World Series and the crowd boo’d him! In Washington D.C. !!!

He has four options.

  • Impeachment and getting fired if the Senate has a closed session.
  • Impeachment and not being fired if the Senate has an open session and he can bully enough Republican senators.
  • Pulling his full dictator move before the 2020 election even happens.
  • Quitting and getting Pence to give him a full pardon.

In any event, we have an interesting election shaping up.  Biden has been muddied and frankly isn’t a very good candidate. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders would probably make pretty good presidents but no telling what will come out regarding either of them as the Trump organization digs deeper. As to the other candidates…

  • I still think Andrew Yang could be the surprise derby winner – his supporters don’t have landlines and probably don’t talk to pollsters
  • Cory Booker is seemingly one of the nicest and most caring individuals to ever run for office
  • Julian Castro is smart, but can a guy named Castro win in the USA? I don’t think so.
  • Beto seems like a cool guy but I wouldn’t vote for him – I’m not sure why. I know he’s not a Mormon, but I can picture him knocking on my door to give me religious literature
  • Tom Steyer is a billionaire – I dig his schpiel but not sure I buy it
  • Klobouchar, Buttigeig, Harris – great cabinet material here.
  • As for Tulsi – who I’ve met and generally like – the events of the last couple of weeks have just been too bizarre around her. She threatened to boycott the last debate but then didn’t, she has this bizarre antagonistic thing with Hillary Clinton and the DNC, she spends far too much time on Fox News, she got support from Trump about being a Russian agent, her wacko trip to Syria, her crazy Lanikai cult background, and her anti-LGBTQ past – it all adds up to some weird ass shit going on with Tulsi. Then here Stepford ‘Regime Change War’ over and over again – it all just makes me feel like I have a stranger touching my privates (and not in a good way) so ewwww…
  • As for the old Clinton tribe – won’t surprise me if she does drop herself in it, but please no.

My pick would be some combination with Yang in it. Warren and Yang in either combo -I would start feeling some hope again.


The Mueller Report Fiasco

I’m not sure what Democrats were expecting, but they sure as hell didn’t get it. Over the course of this thing, I certainly allowed my hopes to create fantasies of Trump getting impeached, skewered, and locked up in jail – but that was early on. As the thing dragged on and on, I started to realize that if there were evidence of treason or anything similar – the investigation would have given us some indicator early on. Instead, what they did was hand off a series of Trump cronies as they uncovered unremarkable greedy capitalist crimes and a whole slew of scumbag moves by Trump and his crew that didn’t come anywhere close to the high crimes that Democrats and those of us who are disgusted by Trump wanted…

As we passed the two year mark, I began to realize that we had waited too long to go about impeaching this scumbag and it was that realization that reminded me that Mueller was a George W. Bush Republican appointee as FBI director and that he was put in his current role by the Trump justice department. So, a Republican appointee Republican appointed by Republicans investigating Republicans – yeah – that was never going to be a party destroying report. I’m not saying he lied or didn’t do his job honorably – but it’s pretty doubtful that the guy had any desire to destroy the party that he’d been a part of for his entire life and give Democrats the tools they needed to take the presidency, congress, and more. Was never going to happen.

It just goes against unchangable human nature. Then add in that Trump JUST appointed a new attorney general who has a favorable view of Trump and the senate is still under Trump/Republican control and that Democrats had built themselves up into a serious frenzy that put them on the edge of a cliff – while balancing a ‘green new deal’ ‘socialism’ and a resurgent stock marrket on top of their heads. It was like a present to the Republican crooks.

So, no surprise and only minor disappointment. It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually we learn that there was a back room deal made with Mueller – whether threats, blackmail, cash, or even something like a deal where Trump agreed to give up his plans of Tyranny, sever his ties with the Kremlin, or change course –

I realize that last sounds outlandish…but think about it for a second. A report that said Trump was a puppet of the Kremlin would have torn the country apart. It would have invalidated the election of 2016, created chaos, weakened the Presidency, and could have even led to the destruction of the USA….so…what if, instead, they simply got the situation under control – buried the truth for the good of the country – and simply move on and wait for the 2020 election to normalize things