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It’s Time for a New Jesus Story

Everyone loves Jesus. Whether you think he was the son of God, a myth, a real person, a story – or whatever – it’s pretty much impossible not to love Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He loved people, he shared his food, he didn’t judge anyone, he walked the Earth and practiced loving kindness.

He gave us such gems as “The meek shall inherit the Earth” “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s ” “Turn the other cheek” “Love thy neighbor as thou would be loved” and “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” – I mean, Jesus was amazing. He didn’t get angry when his neighbors decided to bury some woman under a bunch of rocks after killing her by throwing the rocks at her – instead he just said. “Let him who has not sinned throw the first stone” – they were all embarrassed and dropped their rocks – but once he left, they probably picked them up again and killed the woman.

And that’s the problem with Jesus. He was incredibly naive and blind to the true nature of most humans. He said “…they know not what they do” in regards to the people hitting him with branches, nailing him to some boards, and pelting him with stones – but he was wrong. Those motherfuckers knew exactly what they were doing.

Jesus was wrong about a lot of things. “The meek shall inherit the Earth” bullshit – the conniving, greedy, dishonest, sociopaths shall destroy the fucking Earth. They are doing it. They’ve been doing it all along. Meanwhile, all of the people who actually do know better, the people who see what is happening have been turning the other cheek and being anally gang raped while they attempt to love the pricks who are fucking them to death as they would be loved.

Meanwhile, those same assholes have cut and pasted the scripture that suits them and use it to force more victims to submit to their destructive, homicidal (and suicidal), and bat shit fucking crazy greed driven agenda. The meek aren’t going to inherit shit except an uninhabitable planet, a grim and painful death, and the creation of a literal hell on Earth. We’re already there friends. This ain’t the fucking ‘Good Place’.

We need a new Jesus story.

Fighting Jesus

We need a fighting messiah! We deserve a royal ass kicker who uses his crown to strangle the unjust. We require a no holds barred, tell it like it is, call out the bullshit and serve it a death sentence spiritual leader who punishes the guilty, raises up the good, and humiliates the hypocrites. We don’t need a bullshit ‘prince of peace’ to lead us to salvation after death…we need an unforgiving revolutionary hero who fights tooth and nail for what is right and offers no quarter in the fight to save our planet, our souls, our god-forsaken humanity.

There are already several incredibly kick-ass Jesus stories to help us find our way. First, let’s not forget that Jesus went into the temple to talk about God and meditate on life and he found a bunch of slimy money lenders disrupting the peace of the temple. Did he let the meek inherit the Earth? Did he leave? Did he turn the other cheek or treat them as he wanted to be treated? Fuck no. He freaked the fuck out and started breaking tables and picking up motherfuckers and tossing them out. This might be the last of the true stories left from the true Jesus.

Muslims revere Jesus. Yes, you read that right you ignorant so called Christian fucks. Muslims believe that Jesus never died but God grabbed him and took him to heaven saying “this is one tough son of a bitch, I can use a tough man like him to lead my armies at the end of time”

Muslims believe that at the end of the world – the armies of darkness will be in control and they will be destroying the planet and killing all life on it and at that time, God will raise up an army of the righteous and send Jesus back down to Earth to lead those armies to victory – not by sitting peacefully and wishing for a better world – but by killing and destroying those who have taken it and are destroying it. Jesus is coming back and he isn’t bringing peace and light and forgiveness – he’s coming back to kill the bankers, the polluters, the liars, the cheats, the swindlers, the abusers, the bullies, and the hypocrites. Jesus won’t be alone, he’ll be joining a new hero who raises up an army of the righteous. That new hero is called the “Mehdi”.

All the idiotic Christian hypocrites are waiting for Jesus to come and save them but he’s not coming to save them – he’s coming to rid the world of them. The Muslims have the right idea. We need a Jesus like that.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of good Christians – unfortunately they are following a gospel that was written to control them and keep them meek, submissive, and enslaved. The real Christians and Muslims are quietly fighting, resisting, biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike. Meanwhile, the fake Christians and their allies are starting wars, destroying the planet, enslaving children for profit, putting profits over people, and generally just having a good time making this world a living hell for the rest of us.

We need the Fighting Jesus. We need some new Jesus stories. They’re coming.

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Uighurs, Communists, Muslims, Americans, and Starbucks Incognito

At the risk of stepping on the Scary Arab’s nose for news, I want to point out a few exceptional things I’ve been reading on the web. First of all, this article from Eric Walberg at Dissident Voice sheds a little light on the Uighurs, China’s ethnic Muslim population. Kashgar, doesn’t that sound like the most exotic place on earth?

Like the Kurds, they have no official state, only a hollow autonomous region, along with large diaspora communities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the West. They number 8-10 million worldwide. There are Uighur neighbourhoods in Beijing and Shanghai. Their history is the story of an obscure nomadic tribe from the Altai Mountains rising to challenge the Chinese empire, founding their own in the 8th century, which stretched from the Caspian Sea to Manchuria. Because of their strategic location on the Silk Road, they thrived on trade. They came under Han sovereignty only in the 17th century, but after numerous revolts expelled Qing officials in 1864 and founded an independent Kashgaria kingdom, recognised by the Ottoman Empire, Russia and Great Britain, which even had a mission in the capital, Kashgar. As usual British support depended on its imperial schemes and when the Chinese attacked in 1876, fearing Tsarist expansion, Great Britain supported the Manchu invasion forces. The Brits (excuse me, the Manchus) “won” and East Turkestan became Xinjiang.

Walberg’s article not only sheds light on a people that are currently being repressed and assimilated by the Chinese, but also offers some interesting insights into another Muslim area that is being colonialized, Afghanistan.
Walberg is an interesting guy with a lot to say, to check out more, I recommend a visit to his website at
Another favorite site for me is We Make Money Not Art
, a site that always has something fascinating to offer, for example this photjournal exhibition:

In 2007 and 2008, Belgian freelance photographer Nick Hannes traveled across the former Soviet Union by bus and train in search of remnants of the region’s Communist past and signs of recent social transition and evolutions. He visited Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldavia, the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and brought back images that bear a lot of nostalgia for the past, a capitalism that might have spread a bit too fast in some cases, a few vodka and blondes clichés we’ll never get tired of, some amazingly beautiful landscapes and a time that seems to pass at varying speeds.

Looking at the news this morning, I’m incredibly saddened to see that 8 people were killed in a pair of bombs in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have friends there and pray they are alright.

Bombs ripped through two luxury hotels in the heart of Indonesia’s capital on Friday, killing eight people and wounding dozens in an attack the president said would damage confidence in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.
Suicide bombers struck the JW Marriott hotel and close-by Ritz-Carlton, both popular with visiting international businessmen and boasting some of the tightest security in Jakarta, as guests sat down for breakfast power meetings.

Islam is such a beautiful religion and then you get insane fundamentalist assholes like the guys who did this and they twist it and pervert it into something that is ugly and abhorrent. Terrorists are not Muslims, no matter what they call themselves. Muslims take care of orphans and widows, feed the poor, and house the homeless. Many of you are Muslims and don’t even know it. If you believe in one inexplicable God, accept that you must submit to that God’s will, and are a human with compassion, then you are a Muslim. These guys, the bombers I mean, they think they understand God completely, they have no compassion, they are insane, not Muslim.
I can’t stop thinking about working with orphans in Morocco or elsewhere. Ideology will certainly be an issue. I wish I were more connected with people who share my faith, this Islam that isn’t practiced by people who claim to be Islamic. I know there is plenty of work to be done in the United States as well as other countries, this country is a mess and it’s citizens are in denial.

By the end of 2009, more than a million U.S children will be homeless because of the recession, foreclosure crisis and skyrocketing unemployment rate.

Denial though, is a great American pass time, check out this astounding survey:

About three out of five Americans believe there will be widespread swine flu cases this fall or winter, but most are not worried it will strike them or their family, according to a survey released Thursday.

Swine flu is definitely something to get worried about. The 1918 flu pandemic sat for the summer and caused little damage and then when the winter came, it woke up and wiped out those who thought it was no big deal.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that the H1N1 flu pandemic was the fastest-moving pandemic ever and that it was now pointless to count every case.
The United Nations agency, which declared an influenza pandemic on June 11, revised its requirements so that national health authorities need only report clusters of severe cases or deaths caused by the new virus or unusual clinical patterns.
“The 2009 influenza pandemic has spread internationally with unprecedented speed. In past pandemics, influenza viruses have needed more than six months to spread as widely as the new H1N1 virus has spread in less than six weeks,” it said in a statement on the new strain, commonly known as swine flu.

Finally, a story that disturbs me quite a bit. Now that Starbucks has all but wiped out the independent neighborhood coffee shop, they are going to start setting up fake independent neighborhood coffee shops. Think you are supporting a local mom and pop shop? Think again…

The Seattle-based gourmet coffee chain said it is changing the name of one of its existing stores in its hometown to a name that reflects the neighborhood location. The store will be called 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea. It will open next week and will serve coffee and tea as well as wine and beer.
The company said it will then open two more Seattle-area stores without the Starbucks name in locations that aren’t currently Starbucks stores.