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An Open Letter to America’s Billionaires – Change Humanity’s Future

Dear Billionaires,

I’ve done my best to join you, but so far – I haven’t even gotten close. The reason I’ve tried wasn’t because I want to be a rich guy with a big swimming pool and a fancy car collection. Nor is it that I want any of the other trappings of wealth and power that I’ve seen you exercise. I’m not interested in buying the presidency or colonizing other planets. I’m not interested in eating exotic lizards or putting my name on hotels. No, the reason I’ve been playing and failing at your capitalist game is because I can see how glorious our species and our world could be – I can see how desperately we are failing at creating a utopia and frankly, I’m surprised you don’t see it. If you do see it, I’m surprised you haven’t done anything about it. The attempts that I see you guys engaging in – largely seem focused on just creating your own personal gilded utopias – and frankly, I just don’t get it. Don’t you guys see that if you improved the condition of everyone – it would improve your own condition that much more? Hey, let go of your wallet’s money bags, you don’t need to worry, I’m not talking about redistributing wealth. You know and I know that a wealth redistribution scheme wouldn’t work out that well for most people – it would just be a refiltering of wealth to the top again.

No, I’m talking about actually building fucking utopias. You are the first humans in history to have the resources, the power, the technology, and the opportunity to actually build utopian civilizations. Why are you fucking around with politics at all? You have the ability to go around all of that. You have the ability to hire the best talent, the greatest minds, the most visionary thinkers. You can take the best ideas the world has ever known and build upon them, expand them, and implement them.

The utopian communities and communes of the 19th century, the cooperatives and communes of the 1960s, even the Raj Neeshi city in the 1980s in Oregon – all of these were built with less than any of you earn in a month. There are people willing to volunteer, there are people willing to work, there are people willing and desirous of living in a different type of society.

You have the power to create the way human civilization will function for the next ten thousand years. You have the ability to buy towns, cities, states, islands, countries and to create new forms of human civilization. Forms that actually work – or forms that fail and pave the way for the forms that will eventually work.

Why have none of you bought a town and found the people who are willing to live in it and build the future? I can’t understand why you focus on golf courses and eating steaks and just building your bank accounts bigger when you could be creating ten thousand years of the future? Nobody will remember most of what you are doing in two hundred years, if anything at all.

I appreciate some of what Elon Musk and Bill Gates and some others are doing – but by working within the framework of governments they can only fail. Why not start at the smallest level and build the next level of governments? Why not start with the municipality, build the coalitions of them, and then move forward?

Why not create ‘Dream Spaces’ where visionaries and artists can expend their energy doing what they do best instead of finding the time to follow their purpose between 50 hour weeks of drudgery? Why not use your wealth, your power, your achievements – to truly change the future. Build a town, select the residents, establish a new system – not capitalism, democracy, communism, or dictatorship – something new, something truly revolutionary. Why not create a viral form of human existence that defeats all the known -isms? Why not build a garden of eden and fill it with people who share your values?

Maybe you guys are doing this and keeping it all secret – seems like that would be a hard secret to keep. Maybe you just don’t care and want to fill your time living with more steaks, more rounds of golf, more pussy or dick, more yachts and jets – but you have the opportunity right now to do so much more. I think you should take it.

Also, I think you know this, but, you should probably not waste any time. It sure feels like your time is running out quickly. You may have 99.9% of the wealth, but there are still nearly 8 billion of us and life isn’t getting any easier for most of us – in fact – most are steps away from desperation. Everything has failed the rest of us – and unless you can find a way to appease us, win us to your side, or kill us all – we are probably going to be coming for you very soon.

I hope you decide to change the world and the future.

I’m going to keep trying to make my way to where you are – because in our system – I can’t see any other way of doing what I’ve mentioned above. If I get there, I’m going to show you what I mean – if not, I hope you show me.

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Brilliant Manipulation – Shocked and Awed

I have a strong suspicion that we, the citizens of the United States are being brilliantly manipulated. It’s not an original idea – the evidence comes from hundreds of articles, Facebook posts written or shared by friends, and conversations with people who are at the very least, somewhat like-minded.

If you are of a similar mind – the past two weeks have been utterly exhausting on an emotional and mental level. Beyond that, the past 18-months were also oftentimes traumatic. Yes, I’m talking about the campaign, the election, the inauguration, the first days of Il Douche’s presidency – but I’m also talking about the events of the world which most Americans have been hearing as a sort of background or sideline noise. To use a sports metaphor – we thought the action was happening on the field, but then we realized that there were fistfights going on the sidelines, and finally we have started to notice (some of us) that the real competition was happening all around us in the stands. This was not an election about two flawed candidates – which is what we were told again and again by the corporate owned media. It was not a match between red and blue. Nor was it a power struggle between the liberal and corporate wings of the Democratic party or the conservative and racist wings of the Republican party. That was the sideline match designed to distract those of us who saw that the game on the field was already decided. The actual battle/struggle/fight/war was being waged in the stands among the spectators as we were indoctrinated with artificial ideologies, bombarded with contradictory ‘new’ stories, and emotionally drained with a shock and awe campaign that has left us ripe for manipulation.

The billionaire masters (because that is what they are, don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise) are getting very close to a world where automation can take care of their needs. They will not need the masses to cook, clean up their mess, drive them around, build their products, deliver their products, or do much of anything. 8 billion people is a huge drain on the resources of this planet and the crowds are getting a little too close to their walled estates. As technology eliminates the need for low skilled workers(and increasingly workers in high skilled fields like medicine and law too) the billionaire masters are left with a question – “What do we do with all these useless people?” It’s nice to think they will focus on altruism and try to create a world where everyone has food, shelter, security, medicine, and the ability to be a unique and wonderful being – but somehow, when I look at the billionaires – even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet sitting comfortably on a stage and telling us everything will be fine – I have a very hard time believing they have our best interests in mind.

Here is the question they are asking.

What do we do with all the people we don’t need anymore?

I can only come up with a few possible answers.
1) Take care of them all (which seems very unlikely)
2) Kill them all (which also seems very unlikely)
3) Ignore them all (which is not only unlikely but impossible)
4) Use them as tools to increase power, security, etc for the Billionaires
5) Get them to kill each other
6) Take care of some (useful) and find a way to eliminate the rest (not useful)

That’s as much as I can come up with.

This election wasn’t about politics. It was about the billionaires taking control of the most powerful country on the planet. If you think any billionaire on the planet has more in common with you than with another billionaire, you are deluding yourself. Right now, the billionaires are in control and it is very likely that they have already decided what they are going to do with us. Everything else is just theater to keep us from seeing the truth.

If you are one of those they consider useful you are lucky. We can already see what is happening to those they do not consider useful. Just look at the poorest and least protected people in the world – and then look at how we have slammed the door in their faces and will be building a wall (or many walls) to keep them out. Everything that happens from this point on, has already been decided.