Survivors not Victims. Get the fuck up and do something!

In 1996 I was working in a Northwest bar frequented by militia members, Vietnam vets, and bikers. This was what one of them had to say. I found it interesting enough to write it down. Now I’m sharing it.  Profound and powerful stuff.

~Vago Damitio

The idea is absurd that domestic violence is man beats up woman, that doesn’t teach anybody anything and if you can’t define domestic violence than nobody can deal with it.

Its about power and control. It’s not about sex and neither is rape and neither is incest, predators are all survivors of domestic violence and incest themselves. The self medication from alcohol and drugs is a result of not being able to deal with whats going on.

People learn to sedate them selves cause they never learn to deal with it cause they don’t know what it is. It’s people. Not man or woman or children verbally sexually physicly biologicly socially abuse each other any way they can and if we keep portraying it as man beats up woman no ones gonna know how to deal with it.

PTSD is the same kind of stress.Survivors of floods, disasters, fires, lightning strikes…if you feel like your life is threatened or could end, the end result is post traumatic stress disorder and theres many people that have that severe and their social skills don’t allow them to participate.

So those are the kinds of people we try to teach new skills….don’t lie, don’t cheat, here help me pick up some garbage and some appliances off the ground, and dont tell anybody you did it, then you can feel good about doing something. You helped out you know and you’re doing something for the environment. if you start with self esteem, you gain discipline, cause self esteem is pride.

Discipline can come from fear or pride but leadership, the ability to guide and direct somebody is the best kind of discipline because it comes from within, you know what I mean. Esprit de Corps. And thats what we provide you know, we provide a gold arrow, a symbol of hope, we provide a motto..forward which is optimistic and its red for the blood spilled in combat, and then, we provide a acreed, Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere we can.

Can, we never say can’t.

And the problem with all of these dysfunctional people is they’re isolated. If you can get them out and make them feel good, they’re on the way up. You don’t have to teach them anything spiritually, they already believe in something you just ask them what do you believe in and whatever they tell you you use that as a spiritual foundation and build upon what they already believe in, you don’t have to change what they believe in.