Super yachts!

Link at Gizmodo

The international yacht show, which ran earlier this year, saw some crazy yachts on display. Best of the bunch had to be the Superyacht concept, by Focus 21 France. Yachts are generally pretty super in their standard yacht state, but the Superyacht can fly, and that makes it the daddy.
If the calm sailing speed is just not getting you to your destination fast enough, hit the launch button (we like to think there is a button labeled “launch” in the cabin), and you shall be flying above the water’s surface. Flying–in a yacht! The aviation antics will persist for a maximum of 100km, but hey, the party trick remains evergreen. If you had one of these, you probably would have no need for that sexbot (NSFW), as the Superyacht increases your chances of getting laid by a factor of one million. A fact Focus 21 France failed to advertise.
The Superyacht body is designed as an aerofoil, which means the whole body is one giant wing. Additionally, the air/sea cruiser will be able to hold up to fifteen passengers carrying baggage…it’s probably best you tell your girlfriend there is no baggage space, or you’ll end up with no space for friends. Tough call–you’re going to get an earful when she does realize there was room for at least a few suitcases. Life was easier with the sexbot, eh? Like some distinguished rapper said; “Mo money, mo problems.” Why the “-re” endings were left off the word “more,” shall always remain a mystery to us.