Sunday Trump Virus (Covid-19) Update – November 15, 2020

I’ve been keeping these numbers since the start of this thing – I can tell you that things are not looking good right now. I break it down into four metrics in three areas: Global, the USA, and Hawaii (four areas if you count Oahu as a subset of Hawaii but limited data there). The metrics are total cases, total deaths, average deaths per week, and deaths per million.  I have the numbers from the past four weeks listed as well with the current numbers in bold.

Global: 43,120,004 46,560, 980 50,504,669 54,583,470

Deaths: 1,156,750 daily avg 5691.86 1,202,610 daily avg 6551.42 1,259,254 avg: 8092/day

1,321,992 avg: 8963

Deaths/million: 148.4 154.3 161.6 169.6


US: 8,839,609 9.414,641 10,196,955 11,237,159

Deaths: 230,120 daily avg 814.86 236,154 avg 862 243,343 avg: 1027/day 251,287 avg:1135

Deaths/million: 694 712 734 758


Hawaii: 14,553 15,071 15,819 15,519

Oahu: 12,791 13,133 13,704 14,261

Deaths: 212 daily avg 3.71 219 daily avg: 1 220 daily avg: .14/day 222 avg: 0.28

Deaths/million: 150 155 155 157


As you can see – we have a problem. Not since the early days of the pandemic have we seen the kind of mortality that we are seeing now and cases are going upward in a straight line in most places. In Hawaii, our rigorous lockdowns through the summer have saved us but still, the numbers are growing and we are bound to have to pay the death price at some point. If you want to see how bad it is in the USA, just look at that deaths per million number – Hawaii is 157, Global is around 170, the USA is 758 deaths per million. Way way way out of whack – but the markets keep reaching skyward – which shows you that my claim about insanity in the USA is probably more true than not.

In politics, Trump so far refuses to concede or cooperate with Biden transition. Pfizer claims their vaccine is 90%+ effective. Markets reaching new highs. My short bets failing terribly. I wish I would have held onto my TSLA, AMZN, NIO – would have earned around $40k in gains. Bitcoin over $16k.